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Learn how YouTube videos can take your dental practice to the next level

In today’s marketing landscape, video marketing is getting popular every day and has become an integral part of your marketing efforts. YouTube is a keystone of this video marketing movement. Do you know, it’s the second most visited site on the entire internet in today’s time? Users watch over one billion hours of videos every day on YouTube. Even small businesses from restaurants to dental practices can leverage this growing trend to achieve their marketing goals.

So, if you think whether you should use YouTube videos for dental marketing, then the answers should be absolute “Yes”. YouTube is an amazing resource for generating fresh leads for your local dental practice! YouTube isn’t just for makeup, vlogs, music, and comedy skits. These days, it can be used to attract new, prospective patients for a dental practice.

When you break out of the basic online marketing strategies and do something different, you’ll find unique leads. Video marketing will surely set your dental practice apart from the crowd. Video marketing one of the effective and simplest ways to do it is through YouTube.

Let’s discuss how you can use YouTube videos to grow your dental practice.

Personalize the channel for your dental practice

When you create a YouTube account for your dental business, the platform automatically generates a personal channel for your account. It’s needed in order for you to comment, create playlists or upload your videos.

Once you’ve generated a channel for your practice, you can use the customization options to make that page visually consistent with your other brand marketing. Set up your profile, upload add a description, channel art and link to your social media accounts and dental practice’s website.

Design a YouTube content strategy

If you want to be successful on YouTube, consistency matters. YouTube promotes those channels that are consistent when it comes to content, whether they do it every other day or once a week.

Many people upload 10 videos in one day and then remain silent for the next few months. The YouTube algorithm will not appreciate that. And also, your subscribers won’t like it. If potential users have subscribed to your channel, they expect to receive a consistent stream of content. That doesn’t mean that you keep on uploading all the time, but make a regular and reliable schedule to upload the content.

Keep your YouTube short

The top-performing and popular YouTube videos will not be more than 2-3 minutes. It should be short and crisp which should give a clear idea to the user. However, you don’t have to think much about the time limit, just keep in mind that videos should convey the information, whether it’s about your dental services or procedures. To generate leads, don’t be wordy because no one has time to read longer content. Get to the point as fast as possible.

Try mix of all types of videos

When you are trying to develop your dental practice brand on YouTube, the best way to market your practice is to upload different types of videos. Don’t just stick to uploading educational content, where you introduce and explain different dental procedures. Try uploading the mix of videos mentioned below:

Add timestamps

YouTube video audience is notoriously impatient. Even if you get to the point straight away, some viewers still think that your video is taking too long and may leave the video in the middle of it.

To avoid this, you can include timestamps in your dental practice videos. Timestamps help you to split your video into chapters. This allows the viewers to click ahead to the exact information that they are after. They can do it either by clicking on the particular part directly or from a table of contents in the video description box.

Optimize your dental practice for local search

Sharing local keywords within the YouTube video itself will be helpful to optimize your dental practice. Introduce yourself and mention your location. Then add a transcript of your entire video.

As YouTube cannot “listen” to your video, it can “read” the transcription and understand clearly what you want to convey. You can simply add your city, region, county and state to your title or description.

Final thoughts

YouTube is one of the easiest and most vital tools to market your business and connect with prospective patients. Uploading videos consistently on your YouTube channel is an interesting way to engage your viewers.

If you are not able to manage time for your YouTube videos, you can count on us. At One Stop Dental Marketing, we have had enough experience in helping health practitioners, such as dentists and opticians, produce compelling and exciting marketing video content for their practices.

Call us on 1300 867 699 to know more about our services. Give us a chance to serve you with our dental YouTube video marketing services, we offer social media service, SEO, and PPC. We would be delighted to talk to you!

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