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Our dental marketing PPC (Pay Per Click) involves industry-specific targeting of keyword strings that your potential clients are looking for online. PPC marketing has the power to make you stand out in a crowd of competitors in search results through paid advertising. The aim is to drive website traffic that converts leads into new patients for your dental clinic.
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How To Outrank Your Competition

As a prominent digital marketing agency, One Stop Dental Marketing tailors your campaign to reach your potential dental patients, who are seeking your service right now. AdWords is a pay per click campaign management tool by Google that allows your dental website to hit the front page of Google right away.

We pick up certain keywords that your potential customers use while searching for a quality dentist anywhere in Australia. Our next step involves the creation of advertisement based on these keywords. The possibility of an advertisement appearing on search results depends on your overall spend.

We also offer other services like social media, and SEO which can help you gain more traffic.
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What Google AdWords Can Do For You

PPC is relatively straightforward when dealing with a specialist pay per click advertising company. We understand what it takes to efficiently manage an AdWords campaign for your business. All you need to do is to provide us with information about your specific dental service and the area you are looking to target, and we will handle everything to provide you with the exact result as promised. PPC for dentists in Melbourne, and around Australia, has never been simpler.
Here are just some of the perks of investing in our services:

Target people from neighbouring suburbs and areas

AdWords helps your business by expanding your website’s geographical reach – targeting your local target audience.


Find people searching for related services

It helps put your dental practice within reach of the patient, who is looking for similar services like paediatric dentistry, emergency dental service, dental implants or teeth whitening.


Control pay per click advertising Google costs

An AdWords campaign provides you with a high level of operational efficiency. These ads can be switched on and off at your command which is ideal when you are dealing with timely specials or adapting to current trends.

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Improve Your ROI With PPC

Looking for instant visibility and website traffic for your dental clinic web presence? Our marketing specialists design, create and optimise ads specifically for dental clinics. PPC for dentists is a great way to get brand messaging across in a consistent, professional manner. Our team manages AdWords campaigns using the best keywords to achieve your goals. What’s better than showing up on the front page of the search engine results and beating a competitor to the punch!
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PPC For Dentists FAQs

Pay-per-click is a popular way of driving paid traffic to your dental website. However, understanding how PPC marketing can help your dental clinic flourish may be a little confusing at times. Therefore, our experts at One Stop Dental Marketing have answered 13 of your most frequently asked questions to help you better understand how pay-per-click can transform your business. For more information contact us today or call us on 1300 867 699.
At One Stop Dental Marketing, we guarantee that you’ll outrank your competition with our ‘PPC for dentists’ marketing services. We’ll be able to get you immediate results. When you partner with us, we ensure you’re getting a great return on your investment.
When you’re trying to target a direct audience, Google Ads are generally extremely effective. This is because Google Ads are based on search results – and there’s no place where people search more than on Google. Getting to the front of Google search result pages through Google Ads is an impressive way of drawing more attention to your dental business. We assure you that Google Ads will work for your dental business due to the following reasons:

Your ads will only show up when your customers are looking for the right answer. They allow you to find customers in your local area, allow you to display your exact business location with ad extensions and can even target specific keywords or even broad terms that your potential customers may be searching for.
Yes. One Stop Dental Marketing is a proud premier Google Ads partner. This means that our dental marketing agency has passed Google Ad product certification exams, and we are up to date with the latest product knowledge. As Google Ads partners, we can specialise in search advertising, video advertising, display advertising, and shopping advertising.
The average cost per click when it comes to Google Ads is between $1 and $2. However, the price you pay will also depend on your bid. You get to set a maximum cost-per-click bid which refers to the highest amount you’re prepared to pay for a click on your ad. Therefore, the amount you pay may be the bid you’ve put in, or it could be significantly less.
Google Remarketing: Remarketing refers to the process of connecting with people who have previously interacted with your dental website. With Google remarketing, you can subtly but strategically position your ads in a way that allows these potential customers to view your ads as they browse through Google – therefore, reminding these customers of your dental clinic and the services you provide. There is a range of ways to remarket with Google Ads, including standard remarketing, dynamic remarketing, remarketing lists, and video remarketing. For more information on our remarketing process, contact us today.

Google Display Network: The Google Display Network helps you find the right audience. It allows you to find new customers or engage you existing ones as well as drive more conversions using automation. With this network, you can showcase your ads to the right people at the right time. The Google Display relies heavily on images and appealing ad formats. For more information on our display network services, contact us today.
Tracking the analytics of your campaign is extremely important in determining whether your efforts have been successful for your overall marketing strategy. It’s important to evaluate your approach over time, as no PPC campaign will produce results overnight. You can start by benchmarking your results against the goals you set out before starting your campaign – have you met these priorities or you still struggling? You can also evaluate KPIs and other campaign data such as click-through rates, quality scores, cost per conversion, search impression shares, bounce rates, and conversion rates.

However, evaluating your campaign may be difficult if you don’t fully understand what you’re doing, and therefore, it may be best to get help from a professional digital marketing agency. At One Stop Dental Marketing, we specialise in advertising campaigns and can help you better understand how PPC for dentists can be used to work to your advantage.
As a dental clinic, you’ll be wanting to advertise your services in your local area. With Google Ads, you can clearly present your location and lead users to your dental clinic. As people search for dental clinics near them on Google Maps, ads tend to appear. By aiming for your Google ad to appear on Google Maps, you’ll be receiving a range of benefits. This includes getting more dental clinic visits, more calls to the clinic from potential patients, and providing a quicker way for customers to learn more about your dental clinic. These ads are based on a standard cost-per-click basis like any PPC campaign. For more information, contact our agency today.
Google has a way of accounting for invalid clicks, and this includes clicks from your competitors who may be trying to tarnish your business. Although you may be charged for a first or second click, multiple clicks that are seen as fake, spam or competitor won’t count against your ad spend. Google has stated that each click on an ad is examined by their system, which identifies invalid clicks or impressions and removes them from your account data. Therefore, it’ll become quite clear whether or not your competitors are constantly clicking on your ads.
At One Stop Dental Marketing, we pride ourselves on being an expert PPC advertising company. This means we understand how to effectively manage an AdWords campaign for your dental clinic and deliver the results you want. Our specialisations include targeting people from neighbouring suburbs, target people searching for specific dental services, and controlling advertising costs for your business. We promise a great return on investment and can help increase the paid traffic making their way to your dental website. For cost-effective yet results-driven PPC marketing, contact us at One Stop Dental Marketing today.
SEO contributes to organic traffic while PPC includes paid traffic. Both are important and should be utilised at different times in your digital marketing strategy. When starting your dental business, we recommend investing in a high-quality campaign to enhance your advertising and ensure that your dental clinic is well-know, especially within your local area. Once this is done, it’s important to implement SEO strategies utilising the data you’ve collated. With SEO, you’ll be able to use keywords and content to appear on the first page of search engine result pages. Therefore, you’ll be targeting your audience with both organic and paid strategies.
At One Stop Dental Marketing, we’ve calculated that the average return on investment for PPC is 200%. Calculating ROI is a tricky task that requires a range of data in order to be addressed. At One Stop Dental Marketing, we can evaluate your data and analyse your results to determine what the average return for should be for your campaign.
On average, your dental clinic should expect to be paying between $1-$2 per click for your PPC campaign. This means that on a monthly basis, the average spend for your dental clinic could be anywhere between $9,000 to $10,000. However, your daily budget will also depend on how much you’re willing to bid for a keyword and your ads. It’s best to discuss this with a professional marketing agency such as One Stop Dental Marketing. Choose us for a comprehensive PPC service that can help you plan budgets and heighten your campaign.
There are a range of reasons why your ads may not be shown within Google. These include invalid payments, bids that are too low or too high, paused, removed or disapproved ads, and much more. Understanding how to get the most out of your ads can be difficult, especially when you’re first starting out. To generate the perfect PPC campaign for your dental clinic, choose One Stop Dental Marketing. We can solve your ad issues and ensure that your business is gaining the exposure it deserves.

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