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Why Google Ads Are Important for Dental Marketing?

Google Ads

Digital marketing and Google AdWords go hand in hand. Google AdWords are the text ads you can see above the Google search results. These ads have the potential to reach out to a larger audience and get you great returns in terms of online ad networks.

We commonly turn to Google to look for something we are searching for, be it a product or service. When we search online, Google gets us plenty of results, and hence it is wise to say that Google is a powerful tool in today’s time. Just like Google AdWords work for most professionals, they work for dentists too. They serve as a medium to generate new patience and bring more people to your clinic.

How Google Ads Work For Your Dental Practice?

Google Ads are built around keywords that businesses bid on. When users look for these keywords on Google search, they see results showing the business. Whichever business bids the most for a particular keyword and has a good quality score on the Google Ads back end is likely to show on the top results. Google Ads can be identified with the small “Ad” indication next to the business’s name. The dentist pays a preset fee every time a user clicks on this ad. These ads usually take the users to a landing page that provides information about the dental practice and allows users to book appointments.

Google Advertising is considered to be a form of pull marketing as it has the power to target patients with specific intent. It is obvious that if a user is searching keywords related to dental practices, they are looking to avail their services. If such a user lands on your dental practice ad, they will likely click and convert. Hence, Google Ads is something that most dentists see as a benefit to their business.

Do People Click On Ads?

There are hundreds and thousands of ads on the internet today, and many dentists feel that patients may not click on their ads since they are tired of seeing too many. However, the best part of using Google ads is that patients may not realise they see an ad. They may look at your dental practice ad as one of the listings available on the internet as a response to your keyword search. Hence, most internet users are likely to click on your ad. Once they click on the ad, they will land on a custom-designed landing page that will include complete information about your dental practice, including your timing, address, services, and more. Thus increasing the chances of the user booking an appointment with you.

Why Does My Practice Need Google Ads?

A marketing plan without Google advertising is incomplete. As discussed earlier, Google ads have the power to bring your dental practice in front of patients the fastest. When patients looking to avail of dental services get to your website, they are likely to book an appointment with you and visit you for a service. If you bid on the right keywords for your dental practice, you will likely see an increase in the number of patients booking an appointment at your clinic. Here are five reasons why your dental practice may require Google ads:
  1. You are a new clinic in an area with existing clinics.
  2. You have a new website you want new and old patients to see.
  3. You are running special offers that you want your potential patients to know.
  4. You want to promote a special service you are starting soon or have started recently to draw in more patients.
  5. You want to target more patients in your vicinity.

No matter what your reason for choosing Google ads is, if done right, you can expect positive results in a short period. To know more, read our blog on Why Choose Google Ads To Get Dental Patients Fast?

How To Get Started With Google Ads?

It is essential to discuss your marketing goals with your marketing partner to get the maximum benefit from Google Ads. When building a strategy, consider the following factors to gain success –

  • Services that get you the maximum revenue
  • Services you want to promote more
  • Type of patients you want to target

One Stop Dental Marketing can help in Google Ads, one of the most effective strategies to bring many patients to your clinic. If you choose the right keyword for bidding and have your website design in place, you are likely to see great results with Google Ads soon.

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