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Why An Essential Call Tracking System Is Highly Beneficial For Your Clinic

In a study, Google revealed that 56% of people who searched for a medical service provider online would continue their research with a phone call. People may like the pool of information on the internet, but when it comes to actually booking an appointment they want to talk to a human. The reasons behind this behaviour are pretty obvious and rational.

Firstly, there is the problem of certainty. When a patient is more likely in discomfort or nervous about his/her condition doesn’t want to fill out the contact form and send an email because a reply may or may not come. They just want to make a phone call and book their appointment.

Since the beginning of the 2020 global pandemic, medical providers have experienced a sharp increase in call volume. As it turns out, in an environment of uncertainty, people just want to talk to a real person. Many patients want to confirm the business operations hours whereas some want to know whether the particular treatment options are available in the practice.

How call tracking works?

Call tracking is a usual extension and supplement to all of the efforts you’re already doing to track and understand user behaviour on your website, social media campaigns, with your ads and, and the effectiveness of your Google My Business Listing. Call tracking software aids you know how callers found you, reasons why they are calling, and how you can enhance their experience once they’re talking to you on the phone.

A call tracking system collects the information may vary, but generally, it records-

By utilizing a call tracking system, dental marketers can easily map the patient’s journey till the phone call. After a given period of time, the call tracking system automatically gathers all of the information from the different phone calls and reports it back to you.

This helps marketing experts to determine which print and digital media campaigns, online resources and keywords are leading to calls and gives you ROI. This further helps you to allocate your budget and acclimatize your marketing strategy consequently.

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How call tracking system is important?

While it’s great to have a sequence of marketing campaigns that bring in a steady flow of leads, the reality is that the success or failure of your marketing efforts will live or die with your team. Simply, it depends on your team to turn those leads into new dental patients or lose them.

The major issue is that as a busy dentist, it will become difficult to constantly check in with your front office staff to ensure that there are trying to achieve their new patient targets. Thankfully patients tracking system has the solution.

Call tracking software not only gives you access to the outcomes of each of your promotion campaigns but also allows you to see your team’s ability at a glance. It helps you to check during which hours the most phone calls are received or made but also, a particular member in your team is most successful at qualifying leads.

Furthermore, some call tracking software allows you to playback phone conversations between potential patients and your team to understand what they are doing or not to turn those leads into permanent dental patients. Ultimately, call tracking software improves transparency.

What are the key advantages of a call tracking system?

Call tracking system offers numerous advantages that include:

Final words

Call tracking software enables you to streamline your marketing efforts, enhances your overall customer service, and boosts your conversion rates. If you would like to know more about the call tracking system or about how One Stop Dental Marketing can help you to get more dental patients through your doors, feel free to reach out to us.

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