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When to pull the plug on your existing Dental SEO Provider Services?

Search Engine Optimisation

Is your website nowhere to be found when a patient looks for a dentist in your area? If the answer to this is a yes, it is a clear sign that you are wasting your marketing budget by paying your third-party SEO service provider.

SEO may be complicated, so you would hire a professional to design and implement an effective SEO strategy for your dental practice. However, if the SEO expert cannot get you the promised results for too long, you know it is time to fire them.

Here are some signs that tell you its time to change your SEO provider:

1. No Transparency:

No transparency is a common concern most people have with their SEO providers. It is recommended to ask your SEO providers questions like ‘How they will improve your Google rankings?’, “How much time the process will require?”, “What are the steps they will carry out?”. You can be relaxed if your service provider can answer these questions well. However, if you feel they are dodging your questions and not providing you with too much information, there’s a high chance that they are doing things the wrong way or not doing anything.

2. They don’t have a long-term plan

You told your SEO provider that you want your dental practice to be on the first page of Google, and they replied to you that they would get this done in 30 days. Remember, this is an empty promise as Google warns people to beware of SEO providers who guarantee a #1 ranking or any claim to have a special relationship with Google.

SEO is an ongoing process that requires plenty of effort and months to get you patient-producing results. It is mainly about optimising the website to improve its ranking on search engines and planning a long-term strategy, including ongoing SEO activities.

3. They don’t evolve

A significant indication of a good SEO provider is that they don’t think about it just today. They are thinking and planning for months and years. It is essential to know that the digital marketing world is constantly evolving. If an SEO professional cannot keep up with the changing trends, they may not be able to get you the desired results. Therefore, it is advisable to ask your SEO provider about strategies that are in line with the current terms of service of Google. If they cannot answer this question for you, you know it is time to change your SEO provider.

4. They don’t integrate

No matter how well your SEO strategies are planned and executed, they are a waste if they can’t get your dental practice or new patients. Unfortunately, this is a common problem with providers offering SEO services exclusively. Remember that a high ranking on Google is just one of the many things involved in marketing. For new patients, it is essential to adopt an integrated digital marketing solution.

Focusing just on SEO isn’t going to get you, new patients. It is essential to have a comprehensive digital strategy designed for your dental practice. It is recommended to have one provider that can offer you everything under one roof, including SEO, website, content, advertising, and more.

How To Find A New Dental SEO Provider?

If you aren’t happy with your current SEO provider, it is time to fire them. Once you do that, your next move would be to hire a new SEO provider. However, since you already chose the wrong service provider on the first attempt, you don’t want to repeat this mistake. Hence, before you hire an expert again, ensure to ask them the following questions:

  • For how many years you have been offering your SEO services?
  • What changes you will make to boost my website’s new patient performance?
  • Do you perform all SEO tasks in-house or outsource them?

Receiving a satisfactory answer to the questions mentioned above hints that you are speaking to the right SEO provider, and it is wise to hire them. Apart from this, you may expect an experienced SEO provider to ask you some questions like “Have you hired an SEO expert before?”, “What are your patient goals?”, “Do you run PPC campaigns?” IF an SEO provider is keen on knowing all these things about your dental practice business, they are likely to be genuine and trustworthy. To learn more, call One Stop Dental Marketing at 1300 867 699.

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