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When To Hire A Dental Marketing Company?

The right marketing strategy and implementation technique can bring plenty of success to a dentist. However, if a dentist isn’t putting insufficient efforts to market themselves, it doesn’t mean they aren’t successful.

Dentists can undertake some marketing tasks on their own, but some tasks require the expertise of an experienced dental marketing company. The biggest question here is which marketing tasks they can undertake on their own and for which they need professional help?

In-House dental marketing

There are specific marketing tasks that dentists can easily manage in-house without the help of a dental marketing company. Some simple DIY marketing steps can be followed by the dental team to show patients their authenticity and build a good reputation. Once the dentists have taken these small steps; they can consider bringing in an experienced dental marketing company to take their marketing to the next level.

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Setup your website

Dental Services Pages

One Stop Dental Marketing is an experienced agency in designing dental websites as per the needs of the clients. So far, we have helped hundreds of dentists to pick the right domain and create high-performing websites for their business. If you still aren’t sure about hiring a marketing company, you can consider building the website for your business on your own. However, there are a few things that you need to be extremely careful about when designing a website, yourself — the latest SEO practices and the key elements that must be included in a website to attract patients.

Win confidence of your patients

Your DIY dental marketing efforts must encourage potential patients to choose you over any other dentist. One way to do so is by building trust. If you show your potential patients that you are a trustworthy option, they are more likely to visit your clinic repeatedly. It’s advisable to leverage authenticity on your website and online ads to attract maximum patients. One great way to do so is to replace stock photos with actual photos of your staff and office on your websites and online ads. This is our time-tested marketing technique that has always helped dentists to generate more traffic, get more clicks and obtain new patients.

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Get more online reviews

Patients searching for a dentist online are likely to choose the one having reviews from their existing clients. If a patient comes across two dentists while their research online, both having the same rating, they are likely to go with the one having maximum reviews. Improving your online reviews isn’t a tough job. All you need to do is ask your current patients to leave a review online once they have opted for your services. You can design strategies like sending follow-up emails or reminding clients to leave a review online when they leave your clinic.

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Run a special offer

One way your online ad can do well is by promoting a special offer. When on a DIY marketing mission, you can consider designing 3 special offers for your online ads and website. Doing so is sure to get you plenty of attention from your potential clients. You can look at what offers your competitors are running and try to create an offer that is much more attractive than theirs.

Special Offer

Facebook and Google ads

DIY marketers are tempted to run Facebook and Google ads as they are trending these days. Though these ads may seem simple to set up, they require plenty of training and testing to be successful. At this point, dentists must consider hiring a dental marketing company that can create and run paid ads efficiently. With the expertise of a dental marketing company, it is possible to reduce the time and money required to create such ads. However, if you still feel that you and your team can create and manage these ads in-house, you need to know how Facebook ads are different from Facebook pages as they appeal right to your target audience and require proper strategising.


Hiring a digital marketing company

Your marketing efforts must be able to give you more freedom – freedom to work less since you have managed to increase your hourly profits or freedom to focus on other services you’re interested in offering. However, many a time, DIY marketers find themselves to get busier with the marketing tasks, thus losing their freedom and control over their working hours. If such a situation arises for you as well, it’s time to hire a dental marketing company.

Dental Marketing Strategy

DIY dental marketing is a great way to begin marketing your business. But, if you wish to gain complete control over your revenue or increase your ROI, you need professional help to track, analyse and adjust your marketing. Your staff may be busy providing quality services to your patients, and you may still have someone to take care of your marketing. But remember only the expertise and experience of a digital marketing company can help you achieve new patients in lesser time.

Minimises scope of trial and error

DIY marketing may involve months of trial and error marketing. This means once your team puts in efforts to market your services, they may have to wait for weeks or months to see if these techniques are working or not. This isn’t the case with an experienced marketing team. Since digital marketing companies know what is going to work in your favour and what isn’t, there’s limited scope for trial and error. Also, they will use a tracking dashboard to monitor and adapt your marketing to ensure excellent results. With professional-level marketing, you don’t have to wait for months to gain new patients and make more profit.

Minimises scope

High-Performing online ads

At One Step Dental Marketing, we have spent plenty of money to check which dental ads work the best in over 150 markets. However, our observations have made us realise that every market is different, and this is why we need to target specific ad strategies depending on your particular market and ideal patients. If DIY marketers plan to design customised ad strategies on their own, they may have to invest plenty of time and money in the same, as they may not have sufficient experience to do so.


Manage your reputation

Gaining reviews from your existing clients is possible through in-house marketing efforts. However, making the most of these reviews in your overall marketing strategy is something only a dental marketing company can do the best. We can show your positive reviews to your new patients through our marketing efforts, making it easy for your potential clients to know what your existing clients think about you. Also, just in case one of your existing patients left a negative review for you online. How will you handle this? At One Stop Dental Marketing, we can help you respond to low ratings and negative reviews in a smart way that can increase your authenticity. With the responses we create for your negative reviews, your new patients will be able to see the level of your professionalism and may not consider you as a bad choice.

Dental Reputation

Different approach

If you are planning to run special offers for your customers, you will look at what your customers are doing. If your competitors are offering services at lower prices, you may have to sacrifice on your profits and go lower with the pricing to attract the patients. However, with the expertise of a dental marketing company, you can differentiate your practice beyond a price tag. At One Stop Dental Marketing, we have successfully designed and used a unique approach to allow dentists to speak directly to their ideal patients. With simple updating of marketing messages, we have managed to differentiate the practice of many dentists, making them #1 choice in their area, without the need for reducing their prices.

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Call auditing and coaching

There are high chances of your DIY dental marketing efforts increasing the number of calls you get at your clinic. That’s great! However, what exactly is happening once your phone rings? Are the new patients just calling and not booking an appointment with you? This is where there’s the need for marketing and managing. Dentists may either micro-manage calls on their own with the help of an in-house team or hire a dental marketing company that can ensure call auditing and coaching and keep your front office staff busy in taking appointments.

At One Stop Dental Marketing, we have attended thousands of phone calls, which makes us an expert in understanding call patterns. Once we analyse the patterns of the calls you receive, we can have our dental marketing ready to covert these calls into new patients.

Phone Call

Focus on high-quality patients

Any dental marketing company can get you new patients, but only the best one will be able to get you high-quality patients that will rely upon your services forever. How do you want to count your success? Based on the number of clicks and leads and a schedule full of free consultants? Or, on your ROI and profit and a manageable schedule with quality patients wanting to opt for expensive dental services like implants, Invisalign, etc. With the help of Facebook ad targeting formula, customised SEO strategy, and a Progressive Implant Funnel, we at One Stop Dental Marketing can help you win high-ticket patients that are sure to maximise your profits.

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Track KPI’s


We know that tracking KPI’s is an essential task to perform to eliminate the use of trial-and-error marketing strategies. We make use of the best tracking and analytic systems to examine:

  • How many ad clicks are turning into actual new patients?
  • Where are your website visitors coming from?
  • How many are leaving your website without calling your practice?
  • How many new patient calls are converting into new patients?
  • What is your cost per lead?
  • What is your price per new patient?

Tracking such KPI’s gives us a better understanding of what’s working and what isn’t, allowing us to make the required changes to the strategy so that you can make more profits.

Implement an integrated marketing strategy

DIY dental marketing can be helpful for your practice to a reasonable extent. With the help of your staff, you can begin to build a website, run online ads, and start to build your reputation. However, if you want to reach your profit goals and maximise your ROI and expand your practice to new locations, you require a fully integrated marketing strategy. For this, you’ll have to hire a dental marketing company who can get people to move forward from your ads to your website and then actually book an appointment with you.

At One Stop Dental Marketing, we make use of our Integrated Marketing Approach to fight the obstacles that are stopping your patients from moving forward from click to call to appointment. To know how our Integrated Marketing Approach can help you make more profits, schedule an Assessment Call with us by clicking below.

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