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Ways To Effectively Brand Your Dental Practice

The Brand of any business is the ethos and the culture that it stands for. It is far more than the logo, punchlines, fliers, websites, and emails that businesses own and show off. Branding is essentially what you mean to your customers. It is what comes to their mind when they hear your name. It is what makes you unique and differentiates you from your competitors.

What is branding?

Everything that you do and practice as a dentist is branding. It is what you communicate to your patients. It is what they experience and feel when they come to you for dental treatment. Hence, it is very important to think about how you want to be perceived by your patients.
Brand Marketing Concept

How to do effective branding?

Brand resides inside the mind of your patients. But you can decide what goes inside your patient’s mind. You must have a clear idea as to what your dental practice stands for. Once your guiding principle is finalised, you can start communicating and displaying it with consistency. All your modes of marketing must be directed towards a consistent display.

Building a dental website

dental website is a great prospect for the right branding. Its overall look must complement the identity you want your dental practice to have. Your logo must be professional and conspicuous. The website must be organised and easy to use. Use professional and good-quality photographs. The site must have distinct pages for various sections with clear headings and paragraphs. The content must be professionally written and should not have misspelled words.

The vision and mission must be clearly spelled out and must have the teams. Communicate clearly your strengths and the services that you provide. A separate contact us page with contact numbers, email IDs, and an embedded google map for giving directions to patients makes it more helpful. You must use authentic testimonials. It must be different from the crowd so that it sticks! The website for dental practice must be mobile responsive and can have a chatbot facility for tech-savvy people.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaigns are important for effective branding. They help to direct prospective patients to your website. After reading your post, the patients get a personised experience about your dental practice and must be tempted to visit your website. The social media posts and messages must also convey your brand strategy.

Focus on your strength areas while sending posts. For instance, if you want to be seen as a welcoming dental business, post videos of how your reception staff greets the patients. If you take pride in hospital hygiene, write about your housekeeping process and standards.

Communications is important

Remember you have to communicate to the patients as to how they must perceive you. So, all the communications like emails, newsletters, brochures and fliers must speak the same language as that of the website. They must be carefully crafted and must display coherence and consistency.

Your welcome staff has to emulate what your websites and social media posts convey to your patients. If your patients are received coldly or have to wait without anyone taking care of them, they would perceive you to be apathetic no matter what your website or your social media posts speak about your practice.

Google Business page

You must have a google business page. It is a verified source of information about your business timings, location, photographs. Having a Google page will ensure that your dental practice shows up better in the Google search. It shows that you are professional and increases the trust of your patients. To know more about Google My Business, Read our blog on What Is Google My Business & Why A Dental Clinic Needs It.

Act as you say

In the end, however, it boils down to action. If you have understood the importance of branding a dental practice, you and your whole team must act as per your commitments and gain your patients’ trust. You have to make sure that right from the point the patient enters your gate, the entire team works wholeheartedly in a manner that is in line with our branding strategy. That means they follow a process that we have defined for our business practices.

This is particularly helpful in ensuring that the business process is people agnostic. Even if people leave, the process stays. The Brand Image remains. A continuous evaluation of the branding process needs to be done and suitable course correction must be done in case of a deviation from the Branding charter.

Branding specialist

At One Stop Dental Marketing, we have specialists who understand the importance of branding a dental practice and can evaluate your branding strategy. We can look at your overall marketing needs and design a tailored branding campaign for your dental practice.

Feel free to reach out to us if you need branding services for your dental practice. Call us on 1300 867 699 to book a free consultation with our experts.

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