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Using Dental SEO To Make Patients Find You Easier

Patients research before they visit your dental clinic. With the advancement in technology the way they search your dental practice has also changed. They do it online. With a huge number of businesses concentrated in cities, it is a neck-breaking competition to stand out in the crowd! What to do?

Well, it’s not that difficult. Capitalise on technology! Adapt new and long-term SEO practices! It is not enough to only have a website. It is imperative that it must have the visibility to attract new patients searching for the products and services that you offer. Dental SEO helps your webpage to rank better and be more visible. Let’s move ahead to know how to do it!

Incorporate Keywords

Keywords are like markers which along with some other parameters decide where your website ranks when people search for similar services. Your website should have the relevant keywords in the content and the metadata. It must however be kept in mind that these keyword trends keep on changing and you have to keep a track of these changes and suitably modify your website content so that your website does not lose out to your competitors.

To know more why keyword is important, read our blog on why strong keyword research strategy is important for your dental website.

Have a rich content

In addition to Keywords, Google ranks websites based on the content. The more informative and current content better is the ranking. You must keep your website updated and informative. Have a page dedicated to knowledge sharing about common questions raised by the client. This section can have blogs about various new treatments and methodologies being introduced in the dental business or on general dental health so that more and more people visit your dental website.

You can have one section for customer feedback and testimonials. The testimonials can range from written testimonials with customer photographs and names to beautifully curated testimonial videos of your satisfied patients.

Informative and engaging content on the website increases traffic on your website and results in better search-ability on search engines. To know more in detail why website content is important, read our blog on why is website content optimization needed for your dental practice.

You must ensure that the photographs used on your website must be of very high quality and vibrant. Photographs and infographics are more engaging than the written content. You can have before and after photographs of the treatments that you have already done. This will help the prospective patients to imagine how they will feel and look after the successful treatment.

Have a responsive website

With a majority of work happening on smartphones and personal tablets, responsive websites are viewed more. It also makes it easier for the user to respond to your call-to-action tabs.

More people today are working and surfing on phones than on laptops and desktops. So, it makes sense that your dental websites must be easily viewable from mobiles and tablets. If not, hire a professional website designer to design a stylish responsive website for your business today. Non-responsive websites are a turn-off and they drive away visitors to the websites of your competition.

Be more Social online

In today’s fast-paced world, society has a new meaning today. Like-minded people interact on the internet using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These platforms are a great way to reach more prospective patients and direct them to your websites.

Review posts, videos, blogs posted on social media platforms travel much faster and wider thus improving your conversion. Prospective customers are more likely to trust reviews given by existing customers on social media platforms. If want to know more about social media tools for dental practice, read our blog on it.

Listen what is being said

In marketing, it is not always important to speak and advertise about yourself. It is equally important to listen to what is being said about your business as well. Listening will help you know the areas that require improvement. Improving on our weaknesses is a sure shot and a sustainable method for business growth.

Listening about the competition also helps you know what areas your competition is making headway. What are the new products and services being launched by your competition? This will give you an idea of what new initiatives you must endeavour into.

Local Dental SEO

Fine-tune your online presence to appear for more local searches. Ensure you have the right address, landmarks and Google Maps embedded on your dental website so that people can locate you easily. Register yourself on the Google My Business page and provide all the information required to be filled. If you have a business presence in multiple locations, make a separate GMB account for each location.

Register in local dental directories or any other business directories. Provide your website links on your GMB page and online directory pages.

Give your marketing strategy in safe hands

Businesses are tough to run. There are many other tasks to be done in the dental business other than treating patients. Try us for the dental marketing for your practice. Trust us you will be in safe hands. At One Stop Dental marketing, we have experts who can support you in the end-to-end digital marketing for your dental website. Contact us by filling up our form available online.