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Top Website Tips To Convert More New Patients

Achieving Your Goal Investing In Online Dental Marketing
Are you looking for fresh ideas when it comes to attracting more patients to your dental clinic? One of the best ways to boost the number of prospective patients at your clinic is through your dental website. In such a highly competitive market, it is essential that your dental marketing efforts are constantly evolving to attract a steady flow of new patients.

The team of dental marketing experts at One Stop Dental Marketing have outlined the top website tips to convert more new patients and steadily grow your clinic.

Update Your Website

Your website is the centre of your business and the core of your dental marketing efforts. A high-quality website must reflect your brand, stay up to date, and be designed in a way that is easy to navigate. To convert new patients, there are a few things to consider when it comes to your dental website, including:

Set Up Social Media Platforms

Social media is a huge part of securing your dental marketing strategy. When it comes to generating new patients, being active on social media is a great way to highlight your dental clinic and attract prospective customers. Nearly all consumers are utilising social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to find the services or products they require. Hence, you should utilise these platforms to showcase your business and interact with customers.

Additionally, ensure your social profiles are linked from your dental website so that they are easily accessible. This means that when you post updates, link to a new blog, or update your website, you will be able to engage with customers and receive social signals that can improve your website’s overall rankings.

Manage Reviews

The best way to find out how people talk about your business is to conduct a quick Google search. Take note of the review sites that come up in the search results and read through your reviews. If you don’t have any, set up a popular review site profile to start getting patient reviews.

If you have reviews, make sure you reply to all of them. Thank people who have left positive reviews of your dental clinic and reach out to patients who may have had a negative experience. Reviews are a great way for potential patients to find out more about your clinic and ultimately book an appointment.

Patient Testimonials

Adding patient testimonials to your website is a great way of showing your authority in the field. With so many people trusting online reviews, going a step further to record your own testimonials for your website will convert more patients. Filming testimonials is an easy task that can be completed with any patient. Keep them updated and fresh to engage with more customers.


Educating potential patients is ideal for showing them your expertise and building a sense of trust. Start a dental blog on your website that showcases informative and unique content. You can write articles about various topics in dental health, including answering common questions asked by many patients. In addition, you can talk about your own clinic and write blogs based on specialised treatments you provide or what makes your dental clinic so unique. Blogging is a great way to consistently publish new content and improve your SEO while converting new patients. For more information, read our article on why your dental website needs a blog.

Update Your Brand

While all these tips will help attract new customers, updating your brand is key to staying relevant in a highly competitive industry like dental. Therefore, you will need to evaluate your overall brand and understand how a potential patient views your dental clinic. If your website does not accurately reflect your clinic’s personality, rebranding is needed. In addition, you must stay consistent and build trust with your audience to effectively convert more patients.

Start Converting More New Patients Today

Are you ready to start converting more patients? At One Stop Dental Marketing, we can provide you with more tips and tricks when it comes to engaging with potential patients. We offer high-quality services, such as website design, SEO, and PPC, to boost your leads and convert more patients. For more information, contact us today or call us on 1300 867 699.

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