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Top Tips for Better Dental Practice Photos

Better Dental Practice Photos

It is common for dental websites these days to have many impressive photographs of their staff, dental procedures, before-after results and more. In today’s image-driven age, much focus is being placed on the quality of images uploaded on dental practice websites, which is why dental practice owners are searching for professional photographers to help them. If the business does not hire a professional photographer, they are in search of tips and tricks that can help them click stunning photographs by themselves. If you are one of those dental practice owners who want to know how you can capture impressive photographs for your dental website, you have landed on the right page.

Here are some of the tips that can help you capture beautiful photographs to draw the attention of your potential clients:

Do not capture empty rooms

It is evident that most dental practices want to click photographs in their free time or when they are shut. However, it is essential to remember that people want to see other people visiting you, and this is something that will bring them to your doorstep. If you capture empty rooms of your clinic, people are likely to think that you are free most of the time, which can be a negative thing. Therefore, it is best to photograph your clinic when you have patients, so others can see how well you are doing. It is common for people to perceive a crowded dental clinic as a reliable one and an empty one as a new, inexperienced dental clinic. Therefore, it is best to include your staff, existing patients, friends, etc., in the photographs with their consent.

Show yourself in action

Do not click photos of your staff looking directly into the camera. Such photos can look awkward. Instead, make your staff do something like hold an X-ray and look at it, speak to a patient, or attend a phone call. Such photos look candid and depict your staff to be hard working. With candid photographs, you can draw the attention of your potential clients.

Avoid dramatic cropping

Dramatically cropping your subjects can make photographs look weird. Try to include as many subjects as possible in the picture. However, if necessary, you may crop some subjects not needed in the photograph. It is essential to ensure that the setting looks natural and people do not realise you have cropped something or someone.

Be mindful of the headspace

Before you click a picture, check the spacing between the heads of the people standing. If there is too much gap, the viewer may focus on the background more than the faces of the people in the picture.

Show smiling faces

While many people do not consider a dental clinic a happy place to visit, you still have to show smiling faces in the picture to let others understand how comfortable and pleasant their experience in the clinic can be. On the other hand, showing photographs of people being uncomfortable may provoke people’s dental anxiety. Therefore, it is best to capture smiling, comfortable faces.

Ensure the background is clean

Do not show a cluttered office space in your photographs, as this may not be something that would impress your potential clients. Also, avoid showing scary equipment in the background as this can make people with dental anxiety uncomfortable. Through photographs, you must convey a message that you are a clean and organised dental clinic, ready to help people be comfortable and seek dental help.

Take some pictures of the exterior of your office

Showing how your office looks from the outside can be helpful for first-time visitors. Patients who have seen the picture of your office building are likely to spot it easily when they pass by. You can add pictures of your parking lot, of course not an empty one, to familiarise patients with the place.

The main objective of adding pictures to your website is to make it look appealing. Therefore, photographs that are not too pleasant to look at must not be uploaded on the website. After all, you aim to make a lasting impression in the minds of people visiting your website for the first time.

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