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Top tips and tricks for posting content on your Facebook page


Having a presence on Facebook always makes sense. It has 2 billion active users every month. Bust still it is not easy to generate customer leads through Facebook accounts. To generate leads, the Facebook page has to be created with a profound strategy for it to get noticed, liked and engaged with. We are providing you with top tips for a Facebook page. Have a look:

Create a business profile for your dental practice

Many people make a personal profile for their business. This is a grave mistake. By doing so you are losing out on all of the content creation tools, paid promotional opportunities, and page analytics/insights that are available on the Facebook Business Page. Additionally, connecting to a personal profile requires your prospective clients to send you a friend request which is an additional hassle for them that you do not want. To know more in detail, how you can set up your business profile effectively, read our blog on effective ideas to set up a Facebook page for dental practice.

Your profile picture must be recognizable

While choosing a profile picture, keep branding in mind. Choose a picture that the prospective customers can recognise or relate to. It can be your company logo in case of an established brand, to your own photograph if you are a known figure. This is important because this picture will show up in the search results on the top of your Facebook Page and people will like it or share it only when they can relate to it.

Choose an attractive cover photo

The cover photo is the biggest photograph on your Facebook Page. So, choose wisely! You need to have a high-quality and attractive picture that will engage the visitors. Facebook keeps on changing the dimensions of the profile photo and cover photo so keep an eye on this aspect as well.

Do not forget to add a call-to-action (CTA) button

CTA buttons are like – “Book Appointment”, “Watch Video”, “Get now” type of buttons that Facebook provides as a feature. These buttons can be customised and can be attached with a hyperlink URL to go to a particular destination or content window! This is a convenient way for dental businesses to drive more traffic to their websites or the Facebook content posts that want to be looked at by prospective patients.

Make sure to fill your 'About' section and add company milestones

About section is still the first place that the prospective patients will look into for getting more information about your dental practice. Here you get a chance to market your brand. Use this section to give more information about your dental practice and make sure it aligns with your overall branding strategy. You may add a general description, mission, vision, or your story! You might like to add here your journey so far in the form of company milestones and achievements. This will improve your likes and shares as people will get to know you better.

Photos and videos are the need today

Visual Content has taken the front seat for any form of digital marketing, Photos and videos are frontline tools for the same. These are 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content.

You can use the treatment videos or give a clinic tour to show the kind of equipment that you have. Or just put a video showing ways to have good dental hygiene!!

The frequency for your posts matters

The frequency of posts is one of the key parameters to consider. If you do not post for months it might reflect on your business and not be reliable or Authentic enough! On the other hand, if you post too frequently, people might feel intruded with too many posts in their feeds!

You may use a social media editorial calendar for scheduling your social media activities. The only thing required is some hit and trial of what works best for you and when. Once you’ve analysed and observed popular times and other analytics for your initial posts, you can adjust your posting frequency and build your social media posting strategy accordingly.

Use Facebook's targeting tools

Facebook has a great feature using which you can target a particular audience. This could be gender-based, location-based, or based on education. You can target a particular type of people or you can have different posts targeted at different types of people! This will improve your conversion.

Monitor the comments and engage with your audience

You must always monitor the comments that you get on your page or posts. This will tell you how your audience perceives you. You must reply to the comments to engage the audience and keep in touch. You must thank people for replying positively to your posts.

Promote your page

Once you have the page ready, it is time to promote it! You can create an Advertisement from scratch promoting your page based on your goals and targeted audience. These are paid ads and the budget has to be kept in mind while doing so.

Final thoughts

Facebook page is a great tool for your business but, it’s important to figure out how it can work for your company. If you want to learn more about Facebook page marketing, call One Stop Dental Marketing on 1300 867 699. We also offer SEO, PPC, website design, and social media marketing.

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