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Top Key Website Design Principles That Boost Conversion Rates


Website design and conversions –are they related? At first glance, it may seem like website design is a segment of the development area, whereas conversion is about advertising. However, these two concepts go hand in hand. If you want to improve your conversion rate, you need to focus on your website design.

To keep visitors engaged with your website content, the design of the website needs to be appealing, eye-catching and professional, with proper navigation. By implementing effective website design principles, you can get the benefit in terms of increased conversion rate. Learn the Top Key Website Design Principles That Boost Conversion Rates by reading our blog.

We have put together several practices that will show a quick and sustainable boost in conversion. Let’s get started.

Improve the site loading speed

People don’t have patience when it comes to surfing the internet. As per the study, every one-second delay in web page loading drops 7% conversion rates. If the website doesn’t open within 2-5 seconds, then there is no point in making the web design attractive and friendly. It simply does not make sense because no one stays there if there is a delay in page loading. So before implementing the web design rules that boost conversion, you need to give website visitors a chance to explore your site in a few moments. Please your website for below-mentioned points:

Users should have fewer options for choice

The more options we get, the more difficult it becomes to make a decision. This is true for web design as well. When you are implementing website design principles, it is important not to ignore this. If a visitor lands on a landing page and instantly notices several calls to action, for instance, get in touch, register, leave contact details, download free material and book now, then most likely he/she won’t do anything.

Henceforth, in the most precise version, this principle sounds like this – the website user should have fewer choices. So, keep it genuine by keeping 1-2 call to action buttons. Read our blog to know more how a website design can be a game changer.

Responsiveness and mobile-friendliness are crucial

This principle is highly important in today’s time when almost everyone uses a smartphone to open a website. Mobile-friendliness has long been one of the key features that mobile users looking for. Moreover, a website should be designed and optimized to quickly load on a mobile device. Mobile-friendliness is one of the most effective website design principles to encourage visitors to stay longer on the website. People are more likely to stay on a simple, friendly, and responsive web page. Thus, a mobile-friendly website shrinks your bounce rate.

Colours reflects your idea & emotion

Are you aware that different colour combinations can induce different reactions and emotions? Yes, it’s true! In fact, it is one of the main website design values. This is why many healthcare websites prefer the blue colour. It evokes professionalism, calmness, trustworthiness and faith and these are things every business wants to reflect through their website.

One easiest and most effective way to create a colour scheme for your business brand that pops is to develop a mood board on Pinterest including images that depict your branding vision. Choose the colours that will convey your marketing message rightly and use them in your design to leave a lasting impression on the user’s mind.

Simplicity is the key to touch user’s heart

One of the basics of an effective website design to boost conversion is to keep it simple, genuine and uncomplicated. As explained above limiting decisions for visitors is important but at the same time, a clean overall design also has equal importance. The design should be appealing, decent, easy-to-use, free from complications and clutter. You should avoid:
So, get rid of anything which isn’t absolutely required in order to give a better experience to users.

FAQ’s has the power to boost conversion rate

You should not ignore the importance of having FAQ’s on your website. You might think that this is too simple a thing that will not be effective to influence users, but having a frequently asked questions section can really improve your conversion rate.

If you think about it for a second, you’ll realize that you’ll be providing general answers to everyone who is visiting your site. Keeping the most common questions in the FAQ portion will add value to your website by making it professional and genuine in visitors’ eyes. You’ll get more chance of converting somebody who is simply looking for these answers.

Final thoughts

Of course, the website design principles explained above can help you improve the conversions rate. However, just make sure that you are implementing all this on your website design for instant and effective results.

If you’d like to know more about how you can boost your dental website conversion rates or would simply want to get more patient leads, talk to our experts at One Stop Dental Marketing. We’re one of Australia’s top-rated dental marketing agencies, so contact us for consultation on 1300 867 699.

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