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Businesses thrive on customer acquisitions and customer retention. While it is important to serve the existing patients with the utmost care, it is equally important to generate new leads and acquire new patients. This requires a robust dentist marketing strategy that will improve the visibility of your dental practice in this noisy and cluttered world. A strong strategy in place will give you more results with less effort.

1. Go digital

It is a digital age! With 4.9 billion people connected to the internet, it is 66% of the world’s population that you can reach using the internet. So, there is no better marketing medium available on earth today than digital marketing. An average person worldwide spends almost 3 hours 14 minutes online every day. Whether businesses are at multiple geographic locations or running locally, their digital presence matters.

2. Brand definition

Before you commence your marketing journey, establish what you stand for – develop a dental brand online. Define your dental business, its vision, mission, and its value system. What products, services will you offer, what type and category of patients would you target.

In short, the marketing strategy would need all the above questions answered, and only then you would be able to create an effective marketing campaign for your dental practice.

3. Website design

Your website is the first step toward creating an online presence. It’s a display of your brand on the internet. It will have everything from your business description, products and services, location, business vision, and how you intend to achieve it.

Your website design is the place where customers start knowing you. It’s the road to your business doorstep. It must be meticulously crafted with an attractive and intuitive design to assist prospective patients to find the information easily they are looking for.

4. Optimise your website for search

Just having an attractive website is not enough. Prospective patients must be able to search it easily on the search engines. It must rank high on search engines like Google and Yahoo.

To achieve this, website content has to be optimised for search engines. This is called SEO (Search engine optimisation). It involves searching the right trending keywords and incorporating them into the website content and metadata.

Dr David Chen DDS from Jackson Ave Dental, a practice based in Long Island City, reiterates how digital marketing has been instrumental in his practice’s growth story. “We’ve seen tangible results from optimising our website for search engines and engaging with patients through social media. Personal experience has taught me that videos and patient testimonials are highly effective in building trust. Each of these strategies has contributed to our practice’s growth and patient satisfaction.”

For marketing your dental business, a presence on a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is a must. These platforms provide you with the facility to make a business account and give an identity to your business. You can advertise, post content or answer customer queries and keep prospective clients engaged.

This makes them follow, like and share your pages or posts with other prospective clients that they know, thus, increasing your business credibility and improving the conversion. With smartphone availability, a norm, accessing social media platforms is becoming easier by the day.

6. Blogging

Blogs help reach out to prospective patients by way of providing them with the information they need. This could be for some product like Invisalign or about some new treatment that your dental practice provides. It also helps in improving the search rankings of your website thus driving up traffic.

Blogs are also a way of communication with the prospects as they are interactive and you can know what the prospective patients think about a particular product or service and what they need. If you need any further guidance in blogging then read our blog on tips for writing blog content for your dental practice.

7. Make Videos

Videos are far more engaging, relatable, impactful and have a better recall than the written content on your website or social media posts. With the modern smartphone able to make high-quality videos, and many online video editing apps available, it is not very difficult to make impactful videos yourself.

Videos could be made for your product and services, showing your office facilities, for general dental awareness through blogs and customer testimonials. They could also be shared easily on various social media platforms.

These are advertisements links that are visible to the target audience on various websites and social media platforms. If any prospective patient clicks on them to be directed to your website, you have to pay as per the per click rate. These are very effective as they can be targeted to a narrow group of people for being more effective.

9. Testimonials & reviews

Most prospective patients will try to search for reviews about your dental practice before they step in for treatment. Testimonials are a crucial technique to convince them that you are the right choice. Learn how to quickly shoot Patient Testimonial Videos Yourself!

No matter how much your website talks about your dental practice, prospective customers are more likely to believe what their peers have to say. Reviews could be in written form or in the form of a video. Video testimonials seem much more authentic than written ones.

10. Email Campaigns

Though emails are one of the oldest forms of digital marketing tools, their importance cannot be overstated. They are a great tool to keep in touch with your existing patients, reminding them of their upcoming visits, wishing them on their birthdays and anniversaries or just thanking them for patronising you.

Want to know more about Email marketing, then to read our blog on 10 Email Marketing Tips and Tricks For Dentists.

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