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The Importance Of Online Reputation Management For Your Dental Practice


A recent study by Google revealed that 30% of potential patients directly go to the review websites to search about the dental practice. That is a significant base to consider why online reputation management is so important for dental practices.

Let’s understand it better! Just think back to the last time you purchased something online. Did you decide fast on the very first product you saw? Not likely. You must have taken some time to check other websites for the same product and have checked product ratings as well as reviews given by customers who have already purchased that product.

The same goes for dental practices every day. Just like any business, your dental practice is being evaluated and observed frequently by your patients. Thus, you need to improve your reputation on the web if you want to come into the eyes of your patients.

Benefits of Online reputation management (ORM)

Online reputation reflects the shadow of your brand. It offers many benefits:

What is the importance of Online Reputation Management for dental practices?

Should dentist choose Online Reputation Management Services?

If your dental website has no reviews or your reviews are less than 4.0 on average, then you should consider online reputation as your top priority. The other marketing challenges your practice is currently facing, may also impact your decision to utilize online reputation management services. Discover what your best marketing priority should be?

Need Help with Your Online Reputation?

One of the key benefits of a good online reputation for dentists is building more trust that results in more patients on your door and hence increased revenue.

Though bad reviews will always come your way, and you may also fall victim to false reviews, the good news is that an effective online reputation management policy can tackle these issues. And, also if reputations can be spoiled, they can be repaired.

Managing online reputation isn’t a luxury for a dental practice; it’s a necessity. If you need help in managing your online reputation, One Stop Dental Marketing is here to help! We also provide services of PPC, website design, social media marketing & SEOCall us on 1300 867 699 to get quick help!

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