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Testimonial Videos: Let your patients do the talking for you


One happy customer leads to 10 more! No matter how many assurances you give to your prospective patients, they will be never as convincing as the ones they get from your existing customers. Happy patients are one of the best marketing resources available for dental marketing and capturing their good experiences through testimonials creates powerful tools for you to attract new patients.

As per research, 85% of patients go through customer reviews to decide whether to opt for your dental service or not. While they are doing it, their prime purpose is to see what others have to say about your dental business. Reviews or testimonials can be in written form or in the form of videos.

Why use testimonials? Because notwithstanding their style, testimonial videos create an impact and work wonders for brand awareness and engagement. They are not very difficult to make and are far more effective in the traction of prospective clients. Following are the ways how testimonial videos will help you build your brand. Have a quick look:

Reinforced Credibility and Trust

Testimonial videos give your prospective patients an opportunity to see other people talk about your dental practice, giving honest, unbiased opinions and reactions. Your prospective patients are more likely to believe their peers than they are to believe you. This improves the credibility of your dental practice and this is the single biggest reason you should use testimonial videos.

The testimonials written on your website may also be seen with doubt by prospective patients as they may think the fact may have been misrepresented. But through video testimonials, customers are in a way directly communicating with the target audience and recommending your practice.

Thus, testimonial videos reinforce customer trust and improve your business credibility. While, dental businesses thrive on personal interactions, the personal experiences of existing patients mean a lot to prospective patients.

2. Improve your email marketing campaign

Reading a review can convey the idea or an emotion, but not to an extent that a video does. A written testimonial loses out on capturing the subtle facial expression and tone that the video captures and displays thoroughly. This adds a personal touch to the idea being conveyed and lends authenticity to it.

This builds an emotional connection with the prospective patients and they are convinced that they can benefit in a similar way from your dental practice. This way, they are emotionally connected to your dental practice even before they stem in your clinic. This in a way improves the chances of conversion as they are more likely to try your services because of the recommendations given.

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Higher Retention Rate and Brand Recall

A long-written review could contain a lot of information but it might not engage the reader to read it completely. Further, it would be difficult to retain everything that is written. And as reading is an impersonal experience, it has very little recall.

Videos testimonials on the other hand give an entirely different experience. They engage the viewer interestingly and thus, they are more likely to be seen till the end and as they give a personal experience, they have better retention and recall. So, the next time when they come across your office or a logo, they will recall the video and the recommendations made by the existing customers.

Improve Exposure

The intent of all the marketing activities is to increase the visibility of your brand. Videos are visually interesting and are thus widely shared. They act as your brand multipliers. Compared to their text counterparts, videos are many times more interesting, engaging, helps in grabbing the attention of prospective patients. Further, videos can be posted on various marketing mediums like webpages, posts, blogs, social media and sent through emails as well.

Video testimonials can be shared extensively on social media and help reach an unexpectedly large number of people! You never know where your prospective patients are hiding.

These are Cost-effective

Their quality of engaging more people, being able to be shared and their power to trigger emotions result in more conversions. Thus, for every dollar spent they give better results.

89% of social media marketers says video testimonials are the most effective content marketing tactic. They work great if you want to showcase your services, highlight specific clients and sectors you’ve worked with.

With cameras in every phone, making videos has become very simple and cheap. Within a few hours you can you can create amazing videos from anywhere and anytime.

Final words

Now that you know how rewarding making and sharing testimonial videos can be, we can help you in preparing high-quality testimonial videos. At One Stop Dental Marketing, we deal with the complete value chain for dental marketing, right from creating awesome videos to managing their posting on your website and various social media handles to ensure that there is a continuous pipeline of new patients for your dental practice. In addition, we provide PPCwebsite design, social media marketing & SEO services.

Call us on 1300 867 699 to speak to our experts. Our dental marketing experts will give you a comprehensive online marketing solution under one roof!

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