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Recipe for running successful Dental Facebook Ads


Are you planning to advertise your dental practice on Facebook? Believe us it is worth the effort. With its stupendous reach and its ability to target specific user demographics, it is the most cost-effective medium to advertise your dental practice.

Facebook ads have a proven track record for increasing patient leads for big to small size dental practices. However, it needs a clear strategy and smart execution to give intended results.

Facebook combines user interests and location to advertise your dental practice directly onto the newsfeeds of those who may need dental treatment near you. But the moot question is how to make your ads more effective and thus drive your overall Dental marketing campaign. Here are a few tips for you:

Advertise for a promotion or give a special offer

Facebook ads are interruption marketing. That means that the people seeing the ads are not actively seeking your services. You are interfering with their news feed with your ad. So, your advertisement must be truly eye-catching and engaging.

Eye-catching image and text

With too many people on Facebook, your Facebook ad needs to stand out to be able to be noticed in the clutter. You should use a high-quality image or a graphic in the ad that must do the talking.

You can post a selfie of yourself while working in your dental clinic. This will let people know what your dental clinic looks like and what they can expect. Selfies are a great way to make your prospective clients at home. Selfies are also stronger brand representatives than even your logo!

Use your customer testimonials with their photographs. This will make your dental Facebook ad campaign even more powerful. It will increase prospective patients’ trust in you. Ensure that these testimonials are authentic. These can be written testimonials, videos, or before and after testimonials.

You may also share an infographic related to your business! For instance, you can tell them how many particular dental procedures you have done last month. How they have increased over time. How has the number of satisfied patients increased over time? Infographics are an effective way to share data or statistics in an easily understandable manner/ picture.

Target a specific audience

It is always recommended that you chose your target audience smartly. While no one stops you from showing your ad to everyone but focussing on an audience that is most likely to act on your offer, you increase your success rate noticeably and also bring advertisement costs down.

Target parents if you are advertising for teeth braces for teens. Target old people if you are advertising for dentures. Facebook has inbuilt features to select the target audience based on demographics, location, relationship status, education, and many more.

Facebook's lead generation ads

Lead generation is a process of acquiring new customers or patients by building interest in your dental service. When the patient interested in the ad clicks on it, a pre-populated form opens that contains pre-filled contact data of the patient from the Facebook database. And just one click of the call-to-action button sends this data to you. So, the prospective patients get the information they want in a few taps and you get a qualified lead with contact details.

Call-to-action for your product or service

Sharing information through an ad is just the tip of the iceberg. It is just a beginning of a journey. However, giving ways to customers to know what to do next pushes the prospective patient nearer to you. The call-to-action feature of Facebook lets you create CTA buttons like – “Book Appointment”, “Watch Video”, “Get now”. These buttons are customisable and can be linked to a particular URL and are a wonderful way to drive traffic to your dental website.

Share post about upcoming events

Are you planning a free dental check-up for a community? Post a Facebook ad for the same targeting the people of that community. Post an ad about the new clinic that you are inaugurating soon! Sharing upcoming events make more people aware of the event and help increase the footfall. To know more how you can share a good Facebook post, read our blog on tips & tricks for posting content on Facebook page.

Connect with an expert

If you want to give a punch to your Dental Marketing campaign by using ads on Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, connect with our experts at One Stop Dental Marketing. Our enviable success rate makes us the right choice for all your digital marketing needs. We offer SEOPPCwebsite design and social media marketing services. Schedule a free consultation by giving us a call on 1300 867 699

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