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PPC Marketing For Dentists With Multi-Location Practices

PPC Marketing For Dentists

Many dental practices nowadays operate in multiple locations. Having multi-location dental practice is a big responsibility. They have specific business goals for each of the locations. To achieve the goals, they must be mindful of dental offices’ performances.

You will have to check whether all your offices are producing sufficient patients, the areas of improvement, etc. It’s evident that you will never want any of your dental offices to be underperforming. Therefore, you want an effective dental marketing strategy that can bring a consistent flow of new patients equally to all your offices.

Gone are the days when you used to boost your dental office’s performance with a yellow page ad. Now, you need to have expertise in digital marketing strategies. So let’s see how online ad campaigns or PPC can introduce more new patients and bring equilibrium to all your dental offices in different locations.

Which Is The Better Option - SEO or PPC?

Optimisation of dental websites is essential for Google. SEO allows you to rank organically in the Google search engine by generating free traffic to your dental website. But the improvement of organic ranking on search result pages can take time. However, online advertising, PPC, can help you overcome this obstacle.

PPC can give instant visibility of your practice to your potential visitor. It will help increase new patient appointments in all your locations. Hence, SEO is essential, but a PPC ad campaign complements your digital marketing strategy. It generates valuable traffic because it can control who visits your website.

In addition, pay-per-click marketing enables you to set a budget and create a customised ad campaign using relevant keywords suitable for your specific geographic location.

It Differentiates Your Ideal Patients

If you use a generic marketing technique to target potential patients for all locations, it may not work in your favour. Each site has its own specific demographics, needs, and habits. Therefore, your online ad campaign should be effective enough to provide targeted messages to the local audience of each location.

It will allow you to connect with your target audience specific to each location. Hence, PPC marketing can be an ideal option for you. A key benefit of using a PPC ad campaign is that it allows you to easily target potential patients outside the suburb in which your dental office is located. For example, if two nearby suburbs surround your dental office, you can also target the audience of these neighbouring suburbs.

While creating your PPC ad campaign, you must keep in mind the needs, habits, and demographics of the location for which you are targeting your ads. For example, you can draw a radius to target audiences who reside within a few miles of your dental office.

Localises Your Ads and Keywords

The success of a budget-conscious campaign depends on keyword targeting. The primary goal of your keywords should be to reach the potential patients who reside at or nearby the area around your practice and search for the same service you offer. Therefore, you must choose the most appropriate keyword relevant to your service and localise your ad copy to communicate your message to the local audience.

Localises Your Landing Page

Your job doesn’t end once your set your budget, choose your keywords and create an ad campaign. Your main target should be to send your potential patients to the landing page specific to your location.

Most dentists link a PPC ad to their homepage. It’s a grave mistake you should avoid. You should have a separate landing page for each of the locations. It should be customised based on the service requirements and other needs of that specific location.

In addition, the location-specific landing page should give complete information about the dentist and office hours and contain a compelling call to action. It will encourage your audience to book an appointment with you.

Hence, if you want to get the most out of your PPC ad campaigns, you will have to consider the needs and expectations of your target user in each location. You can’t think of getting success by applying the same marketing approach to all of your practice locations.

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