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Are multiple Dental Websites Better Than One for your practice?

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Practice management consultants once believed that having multiple websites is better than just one. They believed multiple websites could provide better online visibility, high search engine rankings, and more new patients. Imagine having one website explaining all general dental procedures you carry out, another explaining your paediatric services, and the third one talking about all cosmetic dentistry treatments you offer. Now, this makes you think if three different websites are better than one? The simple answer to this is not anymore. Having multiple websites for a single dental practice is an outdated approach. Implementing this strategy in current times can do no good to your business. There are many downsides to this approach. Below are some of the disadvantages of having multiple websites for your dental practice business:  

1. Division Of Link Authority 

Most SEO strategies aim at creating backlinks to build domain authority. Backlinks are links that take an internet user from a highly regarded, relevant website to your dental website. However, if your dental practice has multiple websites, which website will you direct your audience to if you create a backlink? Remember, acquiring quality backlinks is a tough job, and if you decide to divide the kink authority, you are likely you experience prolonged growth for your website. Hence, building one website for your audience and directing them to it is best by applying the right SEO techniques.  

2. Plagiarism Issue 

Search engines penalize websites with duplicate content. So if you copy and paste content from one site to the other, you will likely face penalties and a low site ranking position. Sometimes search engines also delete these links from the search results. If you plan to adopt a multiple website approach, writing unique content for each website is mandatory. No two pages on your websites can be the same. Also, dental practices may not be able to write content for all websites independently, so they are likely to hire a professional for the job. Furthermore, the more content a professional writes for you, the more they will charge you for the same. 

3. Blogging 

Writing blogs for your dental website every week is essential. You may not have the time, but still, you got to make time to write at least one blog for your website to boost its ranking. Now, if you have two or three websites for your dental practice, you will have to take out the time to write 2 or 3 blogs per week. This would be not easy to do every week with a busy schedule. While you may manage to write one blog per week, with the commitment to write 2 or 3 or more blogs depending on the number of your websites, things may get complicated. More websites mean more maintenance, and if you cannot do justice to each of your websites, there is no point in having them.  

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Invest In Just One Website – Highly Recommended!

It is best to channel your time and effort into maintaining just one website rather than 2 or 3. The more the number of websites, the more complicated their maintenance will be. Also, while managing quantity, you are likely to compromise on the quality, which can affect your dental practice adversely in the long run. A single website is easy to start and maintain. You are more likely to save money and effort in maintaining a single website than doing the same for numerous others. With good content and the right SEO strategy, even a single website can get your dental practice a great response. Moreover, if you have just one dental practice website optimising it to get positive SEO results become easy. Imagine your dental practise to have multiple sites. Though the content of each website will be different, they are likely to share some common keywords or related content. Even little bit of duplicate content of two websites can affect their SEO ranking. This means despite having two or more websites for your business, you are likely to not show on the top results of the search engine page. Hence, it is best to stick to the idea of having a single website for your dental practice and focus on its development, promotion, and advertisement to bring more patients to your clinic.

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