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Link Building Tactics: Learn How to Build Links Through Your Dental Network


Link building is not easy. It’s freaking’ hard and especially when you are not an expert in this and trying to do it on your own. Many people struggle to build links to their websites, regardless of the tactic they use.

A good backlink has the following features:

Getting links from spammy websites that are not related to your dental practice will not help but can spoil your website’s authority which further will break your trust with Google. Thus, be sure to pursue reliable link sources. If trustworthy websites are willing to vouch for you by endorsing you to their visitors, then you’re more likely to be trusted.

What is link building and why should you consider it for your dental practice?

Link building could be considered the cornerstone of search engine optimization (SEO). It is the technique of getting other sites to link to your site to show the search engines that your website is important, has authority, and, finally, should be ranked well in the search engine results.

A few years back, link building involved achieving hundreds of links at one time, using the techniques what are now referred “black hat” techniques. But now, the time has changed and so has Google. Now, only the quality and relevance of backlinks matter.

Relationship building is important for better links

To get high-quality backlinks to your website, build relationships with complementary businesses, local organizations and influencers. These relationships will help you find opportunities to get links from their sites.

We have enlisted some of the most significant ways or link building strategies to get backlinks. Have a look:


1. Local Networking Events

To develop relationships with local businesses, local networking events are a great way. Meeting other business owners in your area could open the door for link building opportunities.

For instance, you meet a local business owner who’s showing interest in doing a joint giveaway or contest with you. You need to create a landing page on your website (or allow us to build one for you!) and share it with them to add the link to their website to advertise the contest.

Find a complementary practitioner who is looking for a dental specialist like you to refer their patients to. In exchange for a link to your website on theirs, you can offer their patients a special discounted rate.

These days events are not happening due to Pandemic restrictions, but business organizations are organizing their networking events online. Take a few minutes to quickly search online for networking events in your city and check what you can get there.

Fund a Local Charity, sports team or Club

One of the best ways to get relevant back ink to your website is sponsoring a charity drive, local youth sports team or race. It is a great idea to get back links while doing something good thing for your society. It’s a win-win!

These organizations happily link sponsor websites to their site. It will not just provide you a back link but also more exposure to any resident community members who visit the organization’s website. Another great way is to announce your support to these organizations on social media. You can tag the organization for added exposure.

Provide testimonials to other businesses

In an organization, inter-business transactions are common. From the company you buy your dental equipment from to the scheduling software you use and everything in between, you are dealing with other companies on a day-to-day basis.

Prepare a list of all the agencies you interact with and tell them how much you love their product, service, etc. Companies are looking to add social proof to their websites, so, you can provide them testimonials the will uncover multiple opportunities for you. Even if they don’t provide a back link to your website, they’ll likely include your practice name in the testimonial, which is still effective from an SEO perspective.

If curious to know more about testimonial then read our blog on how to easily shoot patient testimonial video yourself.

4.Contribute to blogs/articles

Many journalists and other writers usually find expert contributors to improve on topics they are writing about. Signup on some websites such as””, “” and respond to dental-health related queries. Keep your tone personal and show yourself as a reliable source of information. If your contribution is good, it can be selected, your name and a link to your website will be displayed there.

Try Alumni Links

Another effective way to link building is to leverage the power of a .edu website by reaching out to your collages or universities and requesting a feature on their site or in their alumni directory. There are many colleges and universities which love to showcase their achievements by way of highlighting successful, leading entrepreneurial alumni.


These are the most helpful link building strategies that will work perfectly for your dental practice. If you are finding difficulty in getting reliable links to your websites, feel free to reach out to us.

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