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Learn how to easily shoot Patient Testimonial Videos Yourself!


Testimonial videos are an excellent way to promote your dental practice brand. They are engaging, impactful and reliable, and have a better conversion rate than written testimonials. Testimonial videos are used to share success stories with prospective patients.

You would be wondering that it might be very daunting and time-consuming to make testimonial videos! Well, the good news is…Not exactly! With a few things kept in mind, you can yourself make good testimonial videos and that too with your phone! Let us begin!


You need a happy patient to testify for you. The best time for a testimonial is when your patients have just gone through a successful treatment, however, it may not always be possible that they may be in a position to talk right after the treatment…(occupational constraint!!)…So you need to invite them for a testimonial shoot. You can send them an email or give them a call for the shoot. The email or the invitation message could go something like this:
” I was remembering the delightful things you said about the Invisalign treatment that we had done for you. You made my day. I would love to share your experience with my prospective patients. Would you mind doing a video testimonial for us? There will be a couple of questions wherein you can just talk, we’ll edit, and send the video to you for approval. It would make a huge difference for us.

The Equipment

You have to plan as to how the video shall be made. You can make it using video conferencing apps like Zoom, MS teams, or Google Meet, but the quality shall be dependent on the laptop camera your client is using. If he/she could be physically present it’s much better as you can use a good camera or your smartphone would just be fine.

In the present time, smart phones have good cameras for shooting a video. The only thing you need to keep in mind is while shooting a video using your phone you need to keep your phone in the horizontal position (widescreen). You must use a tripod while shooting as it keeps your phone steady.

The location

Plan a location that is quiet and has a lot of natural light. It could be both indoors and outdoors. When outdoors, look for a place with shade and not in direct sunlight. Shooting indoors gives you more control over the light. Position your subject facing a window for natural light. Ensure no harsh shadows are forming. Select a non-distracting background and keep a minimum of 3m space behind your subject.


You also need to plan for proper sound. External microphones are the best way to record videos. Lots of options are available for external microphones that could be connected to your phone using Bluetooth. This would give you a clear sound as opposed to the in-built microphone of the Mobile phone. Though in testimonial videos you need not stand very far from the testifier, still mobile microphone may catch some noise and the testifier’s voice may not be that clear.

Prepare a script

You need to have your questions ready beforehand. A few questions may be as follows:

“How did you find us?”, Why did you choose us for your dental treatment?”, How was your experience at our dental clinic?”, Did we provide you satisfactory services and how was the final result of the treatment?”

Remember to keep the testimonial video short and directed. However, it must not sound as scripted and rehearsed. Focus on areas or problems that prospective patients could relate to.


Make your subject comfortable in talking to you in front of the camera. You would like them to speak in a conversational way. While they are speaking be an active listener by talking. Don’t interrupt verbally with “Um mmm”, “really?” as they will spoil your Audio. Only speak while you are asking a question.

Don’t record for long. Recording each answer once at a time will be a good idea. In this way, the testifier gets a break to think and relax, while, having small videos to edit, makes the job easier for you.

Be creative while editing

Although all the above steps are important in making a good testimonial video, this step is the one that decides how the prospective clients see it. You can outsource this work if you need professional editing to be done.

However, a lot of online video editing apps are now available to edit your shot videos and add text, animations, or some other graphics. It is also required to trim off unwanted areas like where the subject coughs or is taking too much time thinking. The videos must be short and brief.

Want Help?

Though the above steps highlight the way in which you can shoot testimonial videos on your own, there shall be other challenges that you may face during making videos. At One Stop Dental Marketing, we have the requisite equipment, software, and staff to make exquisite testimonial videos for your dental practice. We also offer services such as PPCwebsite design social media marketing & SEO services. Feel free to reach out to us! You can easily contact us using our contact us form available online.

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