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What Exactly Is Keyword Monthly Search Volume And Why It Matters?

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Want to have maximum traffic driving to your dental website? If yes, it is vital to know the importance of SEO keyword research. It is the analysing procedure in which search terms of patients are examined and then incorporated into the particular piece of content. 

Here monthly search volume for keywords plays a key role. It is one of the vital parts of your keyword research practices, which is important for achieving optimal search engine optimisation results.

What is the monthly search volume, and why is it vital for your dental website’s traffic? First, let’s take a closer look.

What Is Monthly Keyword Search Volume?

Keyword monthly search volume indicates the number of times a particular keyword or phrase was searched in a  month. Most keyword tools correspond to the average annual volume divided by twelve. For example, the keyword “Dentist Melbourne” is searched  48,000 times a year. Therefore, the search volume is 4000 searches per month.

Why Do You Need To Worry About The Monthly Search Volume For Keywords?

In SEO, the search volume of a particular keyword is the most important indicator. In addition, monthly search volume usually determines the quality of a keyword or phrase.

If the keyword is selected without considering its volume, then where you will be inserting that keyword in the blog or website service is of no use. You will not see the result. That’s because the keyword is the search term that patients use for finding the dentist, and when the volume of that term is low, the search engine will not focus on that data.

On the other hand, sufficient search volume across multiple key phrases provides a solid foundation for prioritising and structuring content, blogs, ads, or landing pages. Your entire online marketing campaign.

Keyword Search Volume

What Is A Good Search Volume?

The obvious answer is, “The more monthly search volume, the better the keywords.”

Keywords with a high monthly search volume mean that they are popular. Therefore, ranking (focusing on the first or second page of a popular search engine like Google) will increase traffic to your website.

Interestingly, according to data from a large survey by the ad network, the first place for a particular keyword gets 33% of all traffic, and the second place gets about 18% of traffic. So, if you do your keyword research well, it can mean numerous clicks, leads, or inquiries.

Consider Following Factors While Choosing Keywords

You will also need to consider factors like keyword relevancy or difficulty while choosing keywords.

For example, if you are in the dental business niche. While doing the keyword search, you come across the key phrase “best dental practice in Sydney.”

Here you mark that this keyword has hundreds of searches every month. So, it has enough search volume. However, not every patient may notice this keyword, so it might be difficult or virtually impossible to rank this keyword organically.

Now that you know about monthly keyword search volume, how can it help you in your dentistry? If you think of SEO as a game, the keyword is the bet that allows you to retrieve and play the game. If the keyword search is not done properly and the keyword is not related to the topic, there is no search volume, or it is too wide to compete.

Additionally, suppose you can do massive keyword research with keywords that have the best search volume and configure dental website content, blogs, and landing pages around it. In that case, this offers a lot of potential high stakes. It’s a strategy. It pays off in your investment.

While implementing a keyword survey technique for your dental practice, create a list of all services and treatments, locations, or other unique characteristics the practice offers.

At last, you can use the keyword tool to examine your terms or phrases related to dental services. It provides you with the data you require regarding search volume keywords to enhance your website’s traffic level. Read our blog to know more why keyword research strategy is important for dentist.

How Can Dental SEO Professionals Like One Stop Dental Marketing Help Your Dental Business?

You can get the right keywords to use for your dental practice through solid keyword research for monthly search volume. Another step is to prepare and implement a content strategy that you can implement to gain a maximum number of patients.

For more information on how better knowledge about monthly keyword search volumes can help drive traffic for your dental business, contact One Stop Dental Marketing at 1300 867 699 to book a free, non-obligatory discussion.

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