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How Website Development and SEO Work Together?

When you’re trying to boost your website’s performance, keep in mind that you have to focus on various factors simultaneously.

In both our life and digital marketing, we have a habit to give all of our attention to one or two vital elements while neglecting something else that can be equally important. If you want to improve your ranking in SERPs, only doing SEO for your website won’t be enough. It requires more than that.

The primary goal of every website is to grab the attention of visitors and provide them with an experience of the site that is both visually appealing and SEO friendly. So, although you might consider web development and SEO to be two very different entities, the fact is that both have equal importance.

SEO and web design go hand in hand more seamlessly than many people might realize. Their elements mingle and perform together so well that, when executed in the appropriate manner, your website visitors not just will notice what you have created in your website; they will simply start navigating through your site.

So, what are those elements where SEO and web development collaborate? Check out these ways to understand how they are used together.

Easy-to-Read Design

When it comes to improving your SEO, content is likely something that we spent a lot of time on. That’s ok. But what makes it more effective is its appearance on the website and here comes SEO in the picture. Poor design of a webpage can make it difficult for visitors to read the content properly and they might leave the page immediately.

Some people might not understand what a great impact the design of a website can have on your content or at least the appearance of it. Pages with chunks of content in strange places, stuffed with too many keywords or hyperlinks that don’t fulfill a clear purpose, essentially force the audience to leave your page quickly that you managed to attract to your website.

A successful website design takes advantage of key factors such as line length, white space, headers, images and colour. All these together play a major role in improving the overall user experience and this shows how beautifully SEO and web development work together. Still have a doubt, red our blog on how a good website design can be a game changer for your practice.

Website speed (Page Loading Speed)

Did you know that page load speed is one of the significant aspects of technical SEO? Yet, this is the major problem with many websites. If your dental website is not ranking well despite all your possible efforts, it could be due to your website loading speed. If the page is taking too long to load, visitors will not be patient enough to wait for it to load.

In reality, people are willing to wait for 2-3 seconds for a website to load. If it takes longer than that, you start losing your visitors. An SEO executive and web designer will work together to improve the load speed of your website by doing the following things:

So, SEO and web design both are important to improve your website load speed.

Sitemaps are crucial

Another segment where SEO and web development come together is site maps. A sitemap is a vital element because it helps to make your website smarter enough about how search engines crawl your website.

Your sitemap offers search engines a guide of all content and pages on your website. The site map gives you a chance to tell search engines what pages are highly significant to your website.

This is especially important for larger websites to get right, as well as for fresher ones that might not have any external links as yet. Sitemaps also help in user navigation. They help a new visitor for getting around your website.

Mobile-friendly design

More than half of all web traffic is comprised of mobile devices, which indicates that more than 50% of your audience is also likely to be on their mobile phones.

Knowing this, it becomes clear that without a mobile-friendly website design, it’s likely that you will alienate between 50%-60% of your customer base. That in itself is huge and is why a mobile-friendly website design is so important.

A website with a more bounce rate due to poor loading or no loading on a phone or tablet is going to transmit bad signals to Google and other search engines, this ultimately drops your rankings.

Final thoughts

Web development and SEO give you the best results when in partnership with the great website development and design practices. Keep both aspects in mind and treat them as equals. You will see an increase in leads and conversions in your dental practice that may have so far eluded you.

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