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How To Make Google Love Your Website

Like every business, your dental clinic needs Google to maximise your marketing results. Hence, you will need to evaluate how Google is showcasing your business to the rest of the world, especially in a highly competitive industry like dental.

Most consumers turn to Google more than any other search engine. Hence, as more and more patients utilise this platform as the best way to find information, it only makes sense to focus on Google when marketing your website to your audience. You must understand what Google loves and how you can implement these elements into your marketing campaign. Our team at One Stop Dental Marketing have outlined easy ways to make Google love your website.

Informative And Accurate Content

Ensuring your content is easy to find is dependent on how informative and accurate it is. For Google to love your content and your website, the information provided must cater to the target audience and make sure they do not have any remaining questions by the time they have finished absorbing all information. You can relay your content in many forms, including an article, blog, or infographic. However, for each piece of content, you must conduct meticulous research and be aware of what your visitors want to find.

Simple Navigation

Patients who visit your dental website want to find what they’re looking for in a simple and efficient way. This means showcasing the appropriate information in just a matter of clicks. Any more than three clicks to reach the desired webpage and your patients may get impatient – causing them to bounce and find a different dental clinic. To help patients navigate your website, utilise a primary menu car that lists your Home, About Us, Services, and Contact pages. This will show Google that people can easily interact with your website design.

Quick Load Times

Customers do not tend to be very patient, especially when using online resources to gain information. Usually, users will click off if a website takes too long to load. Ensure your website doesn’t take longer than three seconds to load by using a well-managed infrastructure and limiting images. Test your website to find out how long the loading time is. If it’s taking too long, you may want to change things.

Visible Contact Information

After spending time on your website and reading through your services and expertise, potential patients will be looking for your content information. This includes your phone number, address, and email. All these elements should be placed in your website’s header and be included in a dedicated Contact Us page. This will deliver the best results and help Google love your website.

Keeping It Mobile-Friendly

With more and more consumers utilising their phones to search for local services, it is imperative that your website be mobile-friendly. The best way to make this happen is by ensuring your website is responsive. A responsive theme means your site’s layout will change depending on the device you view it on. For example, if someone uses their desktop, the content should fit a regular computer. However, if they view the site on their smartphone, the buttons should be large and spaced out so that they are easily clickable.

Regularly Publishing Content

Google will be more likely to love your website if you keep the high-quality content coming. No one connects with a website that has not been updated in months. Therefore, it’s best to keep a blog that you can regularly update every two weeks. There are so many topics you can write about as a dental clinic, including industry insights, new services at your dental clinic, and case studies. With high-quality content, Google won’t be able to get enough of you.

Patient Reviews

For dental clinics, word-of-mouth and customer reviews can be incredibly powerful when attracting new customers. Online reviews are another great way of showcasing personal recommendations and finding out about other people’s experiences with your dental clinic. Google loves reviews as they help local patients connect with your dental clinic. Therefore, your patient reviews should be easy to find. To ensure your patients are leaving reviews of your business, set up a Review Us page that is easily accessible by all. Reviews also help with SEO rankings and generate more traffic for your website. For more information, read our blog on how SEO for dental practices helps them grow.

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