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How To Improve Seo Rankings And Attract More Patients To Your Website?

In today’s online world, it is important for a business to develop a strong presence on the internet because most internet users rely on online sources like Google, Yahoo and Bing for genuine results. When they want information about doctors, caregivers, dentists, and other healthcare experts, the first thing they do is search about it online. Online reviews, customer testimonials, ratings, social media presence, etc. help them to reach out to the best service provider.

So, if your dental website isn’t on the top results on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing, then probably your SEO ranking of your dental website is low and your need to improve it.

Decide on your specific SEO goal and find your target market

Ask yourself:
As a healthcare organization, the individuals who have specific healthcare services requirements will be visiting your website. So, you need to determine your target market in terms of the particular services you deliver.

Many dental clinics provide only basic services, but some offer additional or advanced services such as dental surgery and orthodontics. Providing precise information is important to attract the right type of patients.

Choosing the right keywords

Choosing the right keywords is one of the most vital SEO strategies to improve the ranking of a dental website. Keyword phrases are what patients often use while searching for online information. For instance, potential patients search for “dentist for braces” or dental braces services”.

For best results, keywords like ‘dentist + location’ and/or ‘dental services + location’ should be used properly throughout your website content and also used in the page’s meta description, meta title, and H1 title.

Target the local public through local SEO

If you want to attract more patients to your dental clinic, connecting with the local population is important. It is the most important tip that helps to improve dental website ranking. If your dental clinic is in Sydney, most of the patients will come from that area. You don’t want people searching you in other areas where you are not offering your services. This is why your dental website’s local SEO is vital. It attracts the right people and helps them to reach you for the type of service they need. To know more amazing facts about local SEO click here.

Furthermore, your website should also show your right address, contact number, and business email. Adding Google Map on the Contact Us page is helpful too.

Use On-page SEO for dentist website

On-page SEO helps your website to rank high on the search engine result page. On-page SEO involves structuring your website. Your dental website structure should be in a way that makes it look attractive, friendly and informative to search engines as well as your visitors. It uses practices such as meta tags, content optimization, image optimization, and title tags.

Meta descriptions help you gain new patients

Meta descriptions are also important to optimize your web pages. These descriptions are snippets created by using around 155 characters. They provide a brief idea about the content. They are visible on search engine results pages, especially when the meta description includes the search keyword or phrase. This should also include your brand name, a call to action, and your geographic location to attract the most attention.

Online reviews matter to influence people

To target local patients, online reviews play a vital role. It’s estimated that online reviews include 10% of how Google and other search engines choose to rank in their search results.

When potential patients search on Google for a specific service, clinic name, doctor’s name, what typically a Google Business page or a map location and a handful of review site listings comes on screen is either. Just below that the organic search results are shown. More often than not, those review websites show a star rating.

If you have more positive reviews, you will become better in patients’ eyes especially since stars attract their attention. Thus, reviews are of prime importance to improve SEO and to invite more patients to your clinic.

Final words

SEO is an integral part of your digital strategy today. Considering its importance, dedicate your time to optimizing and improving the SEO of your website. If it is overwhelming, you can hire a local SEO specialist to help you get things going.

A professional SEO company usually offers SEO for dentists, physicians, nursing homes, hospitals, private clinics, and other medical units to attract more patients by way of search engines. A reputed and experienced SEO company integrates all of your digital marketing efforts involving your clinic’s advertisement, e-mail marketing, promotions and fixing other SEO campaigns. Many full-service SEO service providers offer their best practice tips to help your dental business generate positive patient reviews and testimonials on local sites.

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