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How to Get More Dental Implant Leads For Your Practice

All businesses require a steady flow of customers to become successful; do dental practices! And a steady flow of customers requires the steady lead generation of prospective customers. Dental implants being costly require still higher leads to ensure that the implant sales are stable. This is also because patients requiring dental implants will go to lengths to gather information about the implants and the dental clinics offering them before they finally decide as to which dental clinic to choose. In today’s scenario, this information gathering starts on the internet.

Customers are everywhere!

There are many customers in the market who are looking for dental implants. What all required is to reach out to them in time. Google is a very strong tool to find out these prospective customers. At One Stop Dental Marketing, we do the research of such customers for you and build the right strategy to reach out to them.

Matches are not always made in heaven

Once we have the information about the number, type, and what these prospective customers are searching for, we sit with you to understand your dental business, your USP, and your differentiation from others. Once we have the facts for both the customers and your business, we devise strategies to match their requirements with what you offer and prepare an online marketing strategy to increase the dental implant leads and their conversion rate. This is done by the process of Search Engine optimisation (SEO).

SEO ensures that we use specific keywords and phrases on the website to rank higher when the client searches for such services online. SEO brings you and your clients closer!

The content is important

In addition to the easy search-ability on the web, clients look for informative, relevant, and useful content on a regular basis so that the customers gain confidence and bring qualified clientele to your website. Providing information that helps clients understand more about dental implants keeps them returning to your website and increases your brand recall at the time they need the treatment. The information can be provided in the form of infographics, charts, blog posts and even videos if required.

Blogs are effective for better ranking of your dental website on Google and capture patients. But blogs have to be crafted carefully and neutrally and not just for selling your product or services. This can put off the prospective clients as they are looking for information or entertainment through blogs. A column of FAQs could provide valuable information to your prospective clients and reduce the calling at your clinic, which consumes a lot of productive time.

Social Media Marketing

People today are very active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We make your social media profile where you can advertise, post original content or answer customer questions. Keeping the prospective clients engaged makes them follow, like and share your pages with many other prospective clients that they know. This increases your business credibility and improves the conversion rate. Social media posts forwarded by your followers act as your reference and attract more customers and leads. Social media platforms help people with similar interests come together and hence instead of waiting for the clients to come in touch with you, you can go out and be in touch with them pro-actively.

Email Marketing plays a vital role

If you have collected the email ids of your clients, emails can be used as a marketing tool. Tell your customers about new dental procedures, new dental implants, and new equipment you may have added or just send them some dental tips. The idea is to keep connected with your clients and make them realise that you care. Emails can also be sent to issue newsletters with valuable information. Newsletters could cover local events, any campaigns that you may be running, health tips, client feedback, and reviews.

Where in the world are you located?

Embedding Google maps on your webpage helps clients to know where you are situated and keeps your business highly visible for patients in your area. Our team helps you to keep these geographic details updated.

Course correction

We not only design your dental implant marketing strategy but also review it from time to time to check its effectiveness of the same. Marketing trends keep on changing and we need to tweak the marketing strategy to ensure that it keeps relevant. Monthly patient leads are tracked and improvement is noted. In case intended improvement is not seen, root cause analysis is done to do the necessary course correction.

Bottom line

You can also read our blog on how to choose a right dental marketing agency to pick a right agency for you.

We have a credible track record for dental implant marketing. We use highly effective and successful methodologies to get more dental implant leads for your practice. There is a huge market for dental implants and if the marketing campaign is designed and executed properly, there can be a many-fold increase in the lead generation within the first 2 months. You can contact us to provide you with valuable support for your dental implant lead generation. 

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