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How To Convert Phone Calls Into New Patients?

Are you struggling to draw new patients to your dental practice? Looking for ways to boost conversion rate in your dental practice? Well, it’s a little tricky and especially when you are new in this industry.

While there are numerous strategies you can use to encourage people to call your dental practice, you and your front office staff still need proper training to convert those callers into new patients for your dental practice.

Converting phone calls into new dental patients needs huge up-front work, and those efforts and training start long before a person ever calls you. Establishing a dental practice is not only enough if you want to make it profitable, but you need to do something extra to let people know you are there in the market.

And that Extra involves a lot of marketing and advertising efforts to introduce your practice in the market. Use effective marketing strategies to remind people your dental practice is all set for taking new patients. Once someone in your dental practice picks up the phone, the real work begins.

Talking to a potential patient whether on the phone or one-to-one is a real art and it can really make a difference in your success.

Are you trying to get more out of your promotion investment?

Having a well-trained, smart and soft-spoken staff can effectively convert a phone call into a new patient that further can help you maximize your dental marketing investment. Using a few simple steps to polish your staff’s phone presence could result in more revenue.

Drag more patients in your dental clinic with these most useful tips:

Introduce yourself

Did you know that almost 40% of the time the front office, staff forgets to introduce themselves? A humble introduction can set the tone for the call. This is the most effective way to make your dental practice more approachable and can help prospective patients feel more engaged.

Train your front office staff to answer phones. In many offices administrators and support staff have different roles and attending the calls may seem a constant distraction for them. They feel burdened when they were given this responsibility too. Also, existing staff has no skills or knowledge to talk to callers and convert them into new patients. That’s why it’s a better idea to have a dedicated and well-trained telephone team.

Set the tone

When your staff is busy with other tasks, he/she might make them sound distracted, busy or uninterested when they talk to people on phone. The tone of your front desk staff person’s voice is important to setting the mood of the phone call.
If the staff is trained, they always keep in mind to speak politely and in an engaging manner that will improve the patient’s initial experience with your dental practice. Staff who is given the job to handle calls should be smiling while speaking to leads because it will help to build a warm and friendly feeling about your dental practice even before they ever step into your office.

Establish purpose

When a person calls, your front office staff should be able to determine why the prospective patient is calling that too within the first few seconds of the call. As soon as you understand the patient’s specific needs, it can help speed up the call and make the lead feel heard and understood. Train your staff with some standard, well-thought-out answers to their questions related to insurance or pricing. It can help your staff to secure new patients.

Build relationship and express empathy

Empathy and relationship make your dental practice more approachable. Many patients feel nervous when they are calling you the first time. Having an empathetic and sensible staff that can connect with the patients on a personal level can help you stand ahead from your competition.

Patients just need to be heard properly and given attention. So, if your staff can talk to them in a friendly manner, they might develop trust in your practice and will be ready to take treatment in your clinic.

Always ask the callers for an appointment

Your trained must learn not to waste a single call. If the caller has called just to know the timing and working hours, your front desk staff should not let them end the call without asking to schedule an appointment for them.

You would be surprised to know that many calls just end in silence. Don’t let potential leads move away. Make sure at the end of the call your staff follow up with an invitation to book an appointment.

Consider online submissions

Potential patients come only through calls. It’s not true. Many leads come from online sources. Be sure your staff track and follow up with all website form submissions and emails daily.

Final thoughts

Understanding the tips to convert callers into patients at your dental practice can make all the difference in your business success. When callers are happy with what you can offer them, they will convert into patients.

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