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How to compete against your TOP competitors and WIN?

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Most solo dental practices think it is difficult to compete against the top corporates and win the battle. However, the truth is that savvy dentists can leave behind large competitive pressures by studying the strengths and weaknesses of corporate dental practices and preparing their marketing strategies accordingly.

The dental practice industry is growing; everyone can see that with new dental clinics opening in various areas. The more the number of dentists in an area, the higher the competition. While competing with solo dental practices may seem easy, the real challenge is competing against the top corporate practices on the top list.

If you want to win in the competition against top corporates, you have to use powerful strategies to make you stand out from the crowd.

Here are some strategies you may implement to compete against your top competitors:

Build Trust And Focus On Personalisation

Creating an online brand is one of the most effective ways to compete with your top competitors, especially corporates. Because of their business nature, corporate practices cannot create a personalised experience on their websites. However, this is something that patients look for. Solo dental practices can create their website to be educational and offer a personal experience to make it convenient for potential patients to place their trust in them. The more your patients can differentiate between you and the corporates, the more likely they will connect with you. When creating a website for a solo dental practice, it must include quality photographs and provide an educational experience. With professional-grade photographs, patients can create a strong connection with your website. Whereas, with plenty of information on your website, patients can get answers to their queries and are likely to be impressed by you. The more clarity they have about your services, payments, timings, etc., the higher their chances of booking an appointment with you. Do not forget to add FAQs on your website to provide complete information to your potential clients.

Get Your Existing Clients To Write Online Reviews

You have to show your potential patients that your services are better than your competitors. For this, you can ask your happy clients to post reviews about their experiences with your dental practice. When searching for a reliable dental practice, a potential patient is likely to turn to Google for help. In this case, if your dental practice shows up with great reviews, the potential patient may book an appointment with you. It is essential to know that the more Google reviews your dental practice has, the more clients you may attract. Moreover, a potential client is likely to choose a solo dental practice with an average rating of 5 over a corporate practice with an average rating of 3 or 4. Remember, Google reviews will serve as social proof that your dental practice is offering quality services to many clients.

Using Cutting-Edge Strategies

Corporate dental practices aim at staying ahead of the competition by implementing new marketing strategies now and then. This is something that solo practices must aim at doing too. One of the best ways to do so is by ranking high on Google. Since corporates offer an array of services, it becomes difficult for them to customise their websites to rank high on Google. However, this is an advantage to solo dental practises as they can create a customised marketing plan, making it much easier for them to rank high on Google. Moreover, solo practices can take advantage of other things like paid ads and social media marketing to place themselves in front of a larger audience.

Most solo dental practices hesitate to compete with corporate dental practices. However, solo dental practices must know that they can place themselves at the top of the competition with little effort and intelligent digital marketing strategies. Though the size of the competitor’s business may bother you, if your services are up to the mark and digital marketing strategies are planned well, you do not have to worry about anything. The key is to study the competitors’ weaknesses, analyse your strengths, and design a strategy accordingly. If you are not confident about doing this by yourself, you must hire a digital marketing expert who can guide you throughout and help you achieve the desired results.

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