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How Online Dental Reviews Improve Your Brand

Just like in the real world, a business has got to maintain a good reputation; they got to do the same for the digital world. Most dentists claim to be the best. However, this can only be proven to potential patients through a 5-star online review rating. Your online reputation and reviews are essential in attracting strangers to your dental practice.

5 Star Reviews Build Trust

Your digital reputation serves as a helpful marketing tool in today’s time because of the increasing number of dentists getting onto the Internet marketing bandwagon. Online 5 star dental reviews are like social proof of your excellent work, and this helps patients confidently choose you.

Online Dental Reviews

Where To Begin From?

To allow your patients to write reviews on your services, you must get your dental practice listed on review sites. You can use websites like Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp, etc., to allow patients to leave a review for your dental practice.

You must check if your practice is already listed on the review sites. You may have to claim your listing and update information if you are already there. If you aren’t listed, you will have to create a new listing and add details to your profile. When creating your profile, write a concise and compelling description of your practice. Ensure all the information mentioned in your listing is accurate, including your name, address, contact details and timings. Throughout your listing, the name of your practice must be spelled correctly to avoid confusion.

How To Get Online Reviews?

While it is essential to know what to do to gain online reviews for your practice, it is equally important to know what to avoid. Remember, Google is the most used review site, so it is a must to have your practice listed on Google My Business. Your listing must have correct information about your approach to ensure your patients recognise you. An incorrect name or address may confuse your patients, wanting them not to write a review at all.

We all know that Google aims to offer the most accurate information to its clients. This is why they have set some rules for businesses that pursue online reviews. Ignoring these guidelines can have your reviews removed permanently or even your account being shut.  Hence, to benefit your practice, it is best to follow the rules (given below) set by the search engine.

1. Fake reviews – Do not have your friends or family write fake reviews for your practice, as this will violate Google’s guidelines.

2. Offering prices for reviews – Google warns business owners to offer any prices to customers for reviewing them online. Refrain from such practices to avoid getting banned by Google.

3. Setting up a computer station in your office – While this may seem like the most convenient way to get reviews from your clients, Google may ban your listing for too many reviews from one IP. At the same time, these reviews are going to be genuine. However, if they all come from one source, Google will likely assume them to be fake.

Now the question here arises what exactly can I do to get maximum dental reviews for my website? It is simple, and you may follow the guidelines set by Google and carry out the following steps:

  • When your patients come in for follow-up sessions, ask your staff to request them to leave a review online.
  • You may put a “Review Us” sign on the front desk for people to read.
  • Print marketing materials mentioning where patients can review your dental practice and give them to your patients when they visit you.
  • Send emails to your clients as a part of your online dental marketing strategy. Email marketing can help you gain valuable internal information and encourage online feedback. For example, you can send them a survey to undertake. In the end, you can direct them to your listing to leave a review. The information from the survey can help you improve your services, whereas the reviews will highlight your name in front of those searching for dental practice business. Through emails, you can also encourage your patients to write about their experiences on social media websites like Facebook.

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