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Why Choose Google Ads to Get New Dental Patients Fast?

Google Ads

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is essential to any long-term, successful digital marketing strategy. But SEO takes time to give results. However, it’s a time taking process to keep your website visible and ahead of your dental competitors in the search engines.

But you can’t give so much time to your dental practice. So, what to do if you need new patients now at your dental office?

Your best answer is Google Ads.

Google’s PPC or pay-per-click advertising platform, Google Ads, is the best option for all those dentists who have launched a new website and want to generate quality website traffic immediately. It allows you to place your ad in front of visitors actively searching for a dentist in your area.

At the same time, you can carry on with your SEO updates and wait for organic results to kick in. Google Ads also provides the best opportunity to those who want to broaden their reach to nearby towns.

Why Choose Google Ads?

Google Ads gives many reasons for the dentist to use them to attract new patients fast. Some of them are:

1. Fast Results

Once you run your campaigns, you can start generating new patient leads to your website right away. Google Ads allows you to bid for the top listings on Google against other advertisers. So, it gives your practice maximum exposure. Thus, new dental patient leads are within your reach.

However, the results largely depend on your ad quality, budget, and targeting. Over time, you can determine what is working and what isn’t. it will help you to tune your ads more effectively and attract more ideal patients.

2. Targeted Campaigns

Every Google Ad is based on specific keywords. For example, if you search for “dentist near me”, you can see ads at the top of the search results for a local dentist within a certain distance from your dental office. It is because those dental practices are bidding on the targeted keyword phrase “dentist near me”. In addition, they have set the parameters of their advertisement to include your location.

You can do the same to launch an ad campaign for your practice. It will allow local people searching for a dentist within the area of your practice to see your ads. Hence, using the right keywords and a customised landing page, you can easily reach your potential local patients and attract them to your dental office.

3. Easy To See ROI

A truly effective marketing strategy allows you to calculate the return on your investment easily. For example, with the One Stop Dental Marketing Ads service, you can see exactly how many new patient leads you have generated and what each lead costs. In addition, it will allow you to know how valuable each new lead can be for your practice over the long term. To know more, read our blog on how you can get more dental implant leads.

How To Determine If Google Ads Are Right For You?

Google Ads can be the best option to help dentists attract more new patients fast. But they may not be suitable for every practice. Therefore, before setting up a Google Ads campaign for your practice, you must consider some factors. They are:

  • Your local competition – If you have more local competition, you will have to pay a higher cost per click.
  • Local population and search volume – Search volume can’t be manufactured. So if there isn’t enough population or enough searches in your area, investing in Google Ads may not be worth it.
  • Your budget and the amount you plan to spend per lead – You will have to figure out the lifetime value of a patient. It will help you to determine whether a lead is worth spending.

You can contact an experienced PPC professional. He can analyse these factors to determine how profitable Google Ads can be in your case

Key Factor To An Effective Google Ads

The most crucial factor that can give success to any Google Ads campaign is ”relevancy”. The relevancy of your landing page and ad text to the user’s search is essential for Google to determine your ad campaign’s quality score. Higher the quality score, the better your ad position. It needs an organised account structure. If you can organise your ad groups logically, it will allow you to create ads that will correlate better with the keywords. As a result, it will improve your relevancy and quality score.

If you want to generate more patient leads quickly, then Google Ads is just for you. Learn more about the One Stop Dental Marketing Google Ads service and request a free strategy session.

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