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Getting Patients To Find Your Clinic Easily On Google Maps

Are you trying to gain more traffic for your dental clinic? Using Google Maps optimisation as a dentist can be a game changer for your practice as it makes you stand out amongst your competition. Google is the most popular search engine, and potential patients are constantly searching for their local dental clinics and the services they require. Therefore, by engaging in Google Maps optimisation, you will ensure that your targeted audience views your practice over others.

This is a vital marketing strategy for any dental clinic and can be easily utilised to ensure maximum growth. To showcase the importance of Google Maps optimisation and what you can do to make it happen, our One Stop Dental Marketing team has outlined how to get patients to find your clinic easily on Google Maps.

Appear On The Map

Appearing on the map is crucial for any business within a highly competitive field. By using Google Maps optimisation, patients looking for a local dentist will easily find you, no matter where you are located. By using SEO strategies, you can ensure you appear on the map.

SEO strategies you can implement include:

Collect Reviews

For more information on SEO for a dental business, read our blog on what is SEO and how it works for a dental practice.

Many people choose not to enlist their business onto Google as they fear the reviews they might get in return. However, for dentists, no reviews are the same as bad reviews. More and more consumers now turn to Google and other review sites to help them decide where to take their business. When it comes to something as personal as dental care, potential patients will continuously check for the latest reviews to ensure they receive the best dental services possible. Hence, even if your reviews aren’t all positive, having any reviews at all will help consumers make more informed decisions.

Additionally, you must reply to all reviews you receive. Thank your patients for your positive reviews and reply to the more negative ones to start a conversation. This will show potential patients that you are actively engaging with your customers and care about their experience.

Become More Accessible

Google Maps optimisation means your dental clinic will appear exactly where patients search. These days, it is no secret that consumers are constantly using their phones to find all types of services, including high-quality dental care. Hence, when patients use their phones to search, the results will always show services close to their location. You will need to be one of these top results to even have a chance of securing their business. Therefore, you must appear wherever they are looking. To ensure this happens, you may want to invest in a premium PPC strategy for better online traction.

Local SEO

Understanding local SEO is integral for making your dental clinic more visible on search engine result pages. Local search optimisation ensures that consumers easily gain details about your physical location and other important information, such as contact details and opening hours. Another way of boosting your local SEO is by creating local content. This includes a social media presence that keeps patients updated about the dental clinic, including special offers, new services, unique selling points, and staff changes. You could also create a blog for your website that talks about all these topics in a much longer form.

If you’re unsure how to begin your local SEO journey, seek help from a professional dental marketing agency such as One Stop Dental Marketing. We understand how to create local content and get your target audience to notice your business. To know more about local SEO, read our blog on 6 Amazing facts that show Local search for dentists works.

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Are you looking to make it easier for more people to find your dental clinic? Google Maps optimisation is the best strategy for allowing more people to find your business sooner. At One Stop Dental Marketing, our team of experts have years of experience in helping dental clinics gain online traction and generate more leads. We provide various services, including SEO, PPC, website design, and more. For more information, contact us today or call us on 1300 867 699.

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