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Facebook Vs. Instagram: Which Is Ideal For Dental Marketing?

Social media is the most important channel for audience engagement and conversion for dentists and dental clinics. The primary advantage of social media is the reachability of posts and pages to a vast number of potential customers.

However, the popularity of both Facebook and Instagram confuse clinics to choosing the right platform for dental marketing. It is important that you don’t miss any major social media platform, but you can prioritise your campaigns based on the platform by knowing them in detail.

Let’s discuss some factors that allow you to give weightage to social media platforms for your campaigns.


While Instagram is a platform with a majority of users under 30, you can give preference to the platform if your clinic is in an urban area with a significant young population. On the other hand, Facebook can be your preferred option if you have more older patients in your locality.

Keep in mind that Facebook users are more interested in personal interactions, and studies confirm that nearly 40 percent of Facebook users do not like promotional posts at all. Compared to this, Instagram is a place for discovery and observation. Ideally, this makes Instagram the destination for influencer marketing as well.

Engagement Matters

Although Facebook has three times the user base of Instagram, the engagement metrics have a different story. A recent study by Selfstartr confirmed that 68 percent of Instagram users regularly interact with brands – it is just 32 percent for Facebook users. Further, brands get 58 times more engagement per follower on Instagram compared to Facebook.

Importantly, another study revealed that Instagram algorithms allow brands to connect their customers with posts 100 percent reach out. This number is significantly low at 6 percent for Facebook.

But does that mean that you can ignore Facebook to reach out to your audience? No, you should still market on Facebook. It is important to note that images give better engagement on Instagram, whereas Facebook gives you the advantage of text-based content. That means you should also consider the type of content you prefer to produce while prioritising the social media platform.


Do you want to give more information about your practice, including operating hours, list of services, clinic address, directions, and more? Facebook gives you options to include detailed information about your business and help your audience directly connect with you. Importantly, Facebook also gives you options to add links with each post to direct the users to your website.

Compared to this, Instagram doesn’t give you the option to add links to your posts to drive traffic to your website. However, keep in mind that you can add your website to the page’s bio. That means it is hard to generate traffic from your Instagram page compared to Facebook.


Both platforms are critical for your brand journey. But the type of content your produce plays a critical role in weighing the right platform. If you want more curated content for brand growth, Facebook is an excellent option for your needs. Instagram helps you create a great fan following with original photos and videos.

In simple, if you want to create stories with photos and videos to engage your audience, Instagram is your choice. Facebook allows you to give news and stories about your clinic, share your blogs, create events, and more. That means Facebook is a highly convenient option if you want to diversify your campaigns. If you want to know more in detail how to develop a dental brand online then read our blog on it.

Bottom Line

As Instagram and Facebook have different functionalities and are defined to support specific types of campaigns, it is better you don’t avoid one of the platforms for the other. It’s important that you find a perfect balance between both based on your business goals and create specific campaign strategies for each platform. For instance, you can target millennials with Instagram posts while you can create more serious content to attract your targeted customers on Facebook.

Use both platforms to grow your brand and earn more audience and customers. Connect with One Stop Dental Marketing for strategising your social media campaigns and targeting your audience on Instagram and Facebook. We create curated campaigns, develop strategies to maximise engagement, monitor performance, and help you position yourself as a trusted dental brand online.

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