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Step by Step Guide to Dental Marketing on Facebook

In the dynamic realm of dentistry, where success hinges on effective communication and digital presence, social media marketing has become an indispensable tool. Before we dive into the step-by-step guide for promoting your dental practice on Facebook, let’s explore why dental marketing on social media is paramount.

The Importance of Dentist Marketing on Social Media

Marketing in Dentistry: Steps for Marketing for Dentists on Facebook

Now that we’ve established the significance of dental marketing for Australian practices on social media let’s delve into the practical steps for promoting your dental practice on Facebook.

Step 1: Creating an Engaging Facebook Profile to Market Dentistry Services

Your Facebook profile is the digital face of your dental practice, serving as the first point of contact for potential patients. To ensure a compelling and professional presence, consider the following essential elements:

Step 2: Building a Content Strategy

Creating a long-term strategy for your dental practice’s social media presence on Facebook is essential. Crafting 5 to 7 engaging weekly posts is crucial in maintaining an active and dynamic page. Here are some tips to help you build the right strategy.

Step 3: Engaging Your Audience

Now that your Facebook page is gaining momentum, the pivotal next step is to expand your network by inviting your current patients to connect. Cultivating a community around your dental practice increases your online presence and fosters a sense of belonging among your patients. However, this step requires a thoughtful approach to avoid being flagged as spam.

Step 4: Implementing Targeted Advertising

As your dental practice journey on Facebook progresses, it’s time to harness the incredible power of targeted advertising to propel your reach and attract new patients. Delving into Facebook advertising is a strategic move that allows you to tailor campaigns with surgical precision, ensuring your message resonates with the right audience.

Step 5: Analysing Insights and Adjusting Strategies

As your dental practice engages in the dynamic world of Facebook marketing, the ability to analyse data and draw actionable insights is a cornerstone for sustained growth. Step 5 focuses on leveraging Facebook insights to comprehend your audience’s behaviour, measure campaign success, and make informed adjustments that refine your marketing for dental practice strategies over the long term.

Begin your journey to digital success with our step-by-step guide to dental marketing on Facebook. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a beginner, these strategies will empower you to navigate the digital landscape, connect with your audience, and elevate your dental practice to new heights.

Remember that learning how to design and create a Facebook Page for your dental practice is the first step. Once you have your Facebook page, it’s essential to be consistent with your content. If you need more time to create and manage your Facebook business page, rely on the dental marketers’ at One Stop Dental Marketing. We also offer dental SEO, PPC and website design services. Call us on 1300 867 699 and get started today with a free PPC or dentist SEO trial.


Social media is a powerful tool to grow your practice and improve your bottom line. Facebook is home to almost 2 billion active users, so it would be to understand how it helps you to boost your conversion rate without providing any perceived return on investment.

I think we should all agree “we want to avoid the latter”. So, from where do we need to start?

Facebook is the most common social media platform for online marketers around the world. No matter what your promotional goals are, Facebook has to be a part of your marketing strategy.

Are you thinking to create your practice Facebook page and wondering how to create and what to post? Perhaps you’ve been on Facebook for a while, but must be running out of Facebook post designs and ideas for dentists.

Creating unique, engaging content to share on Facebook is tough especially when you are busy running your practice. So, we’ve put together our guide for establishing and customizing a professional Facebook page. With these important tips, you’ll be able to understand how to use that page to grow your dental practice by engaging with your Facebook audience.

So, here we go! Below are a few simple yet effective dental Facebook post ideas that you can use to create your own Facebook page.

1. Create your dental Facebook page

To create your dental Facebook page, you need to go to the business page creator option. Choose the category of your page. As you are creating this page for your dental practice, select “Local Business or Place.”. Now you need to add some basic information about your practice like city, address, phone number, etc. Keep in mind your information should be the same as what you have on your site and other business directories.

The final step will be entering the official name for your page. Not just it will be the official name of your page but also determine your account URL.

How to Setup Facebook Business Page

2. Pose questions

Once the page is created, you need to keep posted something to keep your followers engaged. One of the best ideas to create an interesting post is to choose something that people love to talk about. Posing questions to your followers about their dental health habits will encourage them to “like” or comment on your post. Some brilliant examples are- “What is your favourite recipe?”, “Why you should follow dental hygiene routine?”, etc.

3. Interesting facts

If you come across an interesting video, fact or article that you feel your patients would love, share it on your Facebook page. Look for things that are related to everyday lives and oral health of people, such as “Avocadoes are high in potassium that helps protect tooth enamel”, “Iron is a common Vitamin deficiency that can cause tongue inflammation” and many others.

4. Stay Positive

You’ll find many people sharing motivational and inspirational quotes on their Facebook page, such as “What you do today can improve your tomorrow?”, “A little progress everyday can add up to big results”, etc. It’s will be helpful “like,” such posts. You can also share this kind of post on your page to make it a great way to boost engagement.

5. Make your followers laugh

Just like the positive quote idea above, it’s difficult for people to laugh at a funny post. Don’t be afraid to share light-hearted, silly comics or a corny joke on your Facebook page.

Your patients will love the sense of humour! There are plenty of jokes and memes related to going to the dentist. You can post them on your page.

6. Create Videos

Videos are an interesting way to engage your patients on Facebook. In fact, videos on social media produce 1200% more shares than images and text combined. Sharing some interesting videos on your dental Facebook page can be helpful if you want your followers to spend some time on the page. A successful Facebook video is not all about the production quality, but rather the story you want to tell for the benefit of the viewer.

Making a Facebook Live video on touring your office, introducing new staff members or the latest equipment or tools in your clinic would also interest them. Facebook videos are most successful when they are genuine, relatable, useful, and entertaining.

7. Get into a routine

Use some of the most popular hashtags to get into a steady posting routine. A few examples are:

#MondayMotivation: Share a motivational quote every Monday.
#WellnessWednesday: Sharing a health tip every Wednesday would be perfect.
#ThrowbackThursday: Post some images of you and your staff members as Throwback Thursday.
#FunnyFriday: Share some funny videos or funny memes on

Final words

Learning how to design and create a Facebook Page for your dental practice is just the first step. Once you have your Facebook page, it’s important to be consistent with your content. If you do not have the time to create and manage your Facebook business page, rely on One Stop Dental Marketing. We also offer SEO, PPC and website design services.  Call us on 1300 867 699 and get started today with a free trial.

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