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Maximize Your Presence on other Dental Review Sites

In the past few years, online dental review sites have grown exponentially. People are using review websites to make decisions about shopping on a particular portal or going for dinner in a restaurant. But potential patients are also looking for online reviews when deciding on a new dentist. Do they choose you?

If you want patients to contact you for their dental needs, it is essential to get the top position on the Google search engine. Apart from this, it is equally vital to enhance your presence on review sites as patients analyse it first for reviews before hiring any dental service. Review sites are also the best way to get patients to notice your dental practice for free.

Which Review Sites Should You Be On?

Many online review websites for a dentist can help you gain a patient’s attention. They are as follows:-

  • Yelp
  • Insider Pages
  • CitySearch
  • Merchant Circle
  • Angi

Note: Precise review websites can also additionally change with the aid of using location)

Visit every review website above and search your dental practice name to see if it exists or not. And if your listing exists, observe whether it needs to be claimed or edited. It is an essential step to avoid duplicate listing.

If you don’t have a listing, upload your dental exercise to every review website. When finishing or updating your list, here are some matters to hold in mind:

  • Ensure you write your service deal precisely on each profile (For example, don’t write 123 Front St. on one review website and 123 Front Street on another).
  • Add pictures if the review website allows – your exercise logo, expert headshot, a pleasant personnel photo, etc.
  • List your dental website’s URL and contact details so new sufferers can contact your office effortlessly.

Once you have created and changed your listings, your present-day patients can start giving their reviews/opinions. Positive opinions of your present-day patients are a unique way to boom your authority and credibility with targeted new patients who see you online. Plus, your list on those dentist review websites can drive organic visitors to your dental website.

Choose A User-Friendly Review Site

  1. Studies have shown that happy patients leave a review immediately after receiving the dental service. Therefore, this is the perfect time to automate your feedback SMS request with a direct link to leave a rating/review. It is also noticed that most satisfactory patients do not hesitate to give a positive rating. Therefore, dental clinics implementing this technique of getting patient reviews via automated text messages get better results than verbally seeking in-office reviews.
  2. As the majority of your patients study these websites, it’s crucial to get a five-star rating/review on Google reviews and your website. Unfortunately, many clinics are unaware that getting patients to write a review via the clinic’s SMS review link is a way to maintain the clinic’s reputation. Patients with negative reviews or dissatisfaction can be sent to an internal custom examination. The issue will be further investigated to address their concerns. Also, the patients can alter their ratings to five stars at any time. However, when it comes to protecting and building the reputation of your dental clinic, this is the best method to consider.
  3. Another important thing that many dental clinics are unaware of is that patients like it when dentists reply to their Google reviews. This shows that you put your patient’s satisfaction as the top priority. Successful practices use technology that allows patients to receive notifications and details when they leave a review so that they can respond to patient reviews in a timely manner.

What About Negative Reviews?

Many dentists are uncertain about adding their practice to review sites because of the possibility of negative reviews and the effect it can have on their reputation. This is a legitimate concern and one that every business owner has, but it shouldn’t keep you from joining these sites altogether.

Instead, monitor your profiles so that you can appropriately respond to any negative reviews that may appear. Here is the tip to follow if you get a negative review.

  • Write a professional, non-emotional response that acknowledges the reviewer’s concerns and indicates you will be in touch to discuss their concerns.
  • Take the conversation offline—call the reviewer to discuss their concerns.

A good phone conversation could lead to the reviewer removing the negative online review. If not, other visitors to the review site will see your response. This will show that you are a caring dental practitioner who takes patient concerns seriously.

Consider Online Dental Review Sites To Get More New Patients

Still, you are not registering your dental practice on online review sites. Or not sure about how these websites work and the results it reflects? No matter the reason, it is high time to get your dental business on these review sites to overcome this competition. At One Stop Dental Marketing, we provide you with the best reputation management service to maintain your negative review and convert that into positive feedback.

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