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5 Simple Dental Newsletter Templates For Your Practice

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If you want to get regular appointments with patients and refer your clinic to their friends, you need to stay in touch with them. Implementing the appropriate dental office newsletter template and sending regular emails to patients is an efficient and cost-effective way.

Everyone enjoys seasonal greetings and useful health tips. Occasionally sending an email greeting or newsletter to the patient will say, “Hey, we are thinking of you,” reminding the patient to make another appointment. 

Use the top four dentist email marketing templates below to create a list of loyal patients who will refer your clinic to others.

1.Office Updates

Patients want to know what they will get when visiting your dental clinic. Thus, continue attracting and informing patients by sharing important medical news and email newsletters. For example, Recently, a new service has been added. Would you like to align your teeth?

Email Template

Subject: Important News from [Practice Name]

Hello [patient name],

As an important practice member, we would like to share some exciting news with you!

[Updates, announcements, upcoming events, etc.]

Thank you for participating in our practice. If you have any questions, please call us. [Sign out]

What is the P.S. test deadline? Please call [phone number]. I will make a reservation!

By adding P.S., the message at the bottom subtly reminds the patient to make the next appointment. You can easily book by including your phone number in your email.

2. Happy Birthday

Who doesn’t like a unique word on their birthday? Mailing a birthday email to patients will make them think you care for them. It is the fact that every individual view birthday emails in a different way than a mass communique email that all other affected person receives.

Moreover, birthdays are a special day on which everyone thinks about their health and become a bit spiritual. Thus, it’s best to send a prompt message via email to consider their oral hygiene.

Email Template

Subject Line: Celebrating Your Special Day

Hi [NAME],

Happy Birthday!

As birthdays come around every year, we prevent and mirror approximately how lucky we are to touch the lives of many humans in our community. Thank you for that opportunity. 

I desire this has been an excellent year and that the subsequent could be even better.

Happy Birthday!


Don’t be afraid to feature a bit of character in the birthday emails.

3. Happy New Year

Like birthdays, the beginning of a brand new year is one more day of the year where human beings focus on their fitness. After all, it’s the day they take a new resolution. Remind patients that New Year’s Resolutions aren’t only for weight-reduction plans and health club renewals.

It’s a time to consider all elements that come under their fitness. Send a Happy New Year electronic mail reminding patients to include dental check-ups on their resolutions list.

Email Template 

Subject Line: It’s Time To Focus On Your Health This New Year!

With the New Year upon us, it’s an exquisite time to begin. Set new goals. Leave awful habits. Live more healthy lives.

If you are considering beginning a health program, dropping weight, having a higher diet, or enhancing a few different fitness behaviours, focus on your enamel and gums. A wholesome mouth should be the place to begin any New Year’s resolution for higher fitness.

That’s why we are imparting dental check-ups at a unique low price. In addition, we will carry out cleansing with a quick examination of your enamel. The price for the cleansing and examination is just [$$]. That’s a financial savings of over [$$].

Ensure to start the year on a healthy note while saving money! Our budget-friendly deal will last till the end of January, so contact us now to set your appointment.

Happy New Year!

4. New Staff Member

By announcing your latest recruitment, you will keep your patients informed of the latest improvements in your dental clinic. It keeps the patients in a “loop” and reminds them that you are ready to help them serve their needs. While standing out in communication with the patient helps new employees feel like part of the practice from the beginning.

Email Template

Subject Line: Introducing Our New Team Member

We have added a new member to our health care team.

[STAFF MEMBER’S NAME] joined us on [DATE] and will be helping us in the capacity of [POSITION]. He/she is a great addition to our practice.

Before becoming part of our team, he/she was busy [previous career, hobbies, activities, community involvement, etc.]. After growing up in [LOCATION], she/he relocated to our area [WHEN].

During the next few weeks, while she/he is learning the ropes, we invite you to stop by and say hello.


P.S. If you are due for a dental cleaning, call us at [PHONE NUMBER] to book your appointment.

5. Annual Inspection

Many patients thought at their last medical examination, “Well, I will be back in six months.” As you know, this is rarely the case. They had good intentions. But 12 months later, their next annual appointments aren’t on the calendar yet.

Now, remind them: when they leave your office, they will have an improved mouth and a brighter smile.

Email Template

Subject Line: That great feeling. Again!

Hi [NAME],

Do you remember that refreshing breathing and the sensation of your tongue over the freshly brushed teeth?

It’s time to go through that best feeling again!

Now is the time for your dental examination and professional teeth cleaning.

With a professional dental check-up, your smile will be clearer, and your mouth will feel fresher, but we will also be able to detect small problems before they become big issues.

Call us today, and we will schedule your check-up for a convenient day and time. Then, simply call (000) 000-0000, and we will ensure to provide you with what you want promptly.


Efficient Dental Email Marketing Campaigns

Communication can be done automatically by adding new patients to an email automation platform by wishing on their birthdays or reminding them of their first appointment dates. So you can keep your finger on and stay connected with your patient all year round. For more effective email marketing campaigns for your dental practice growth, give One Stop Dental Marketing a call at 1300 867 699.

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