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BUSTED!!! Dental Marketing Myths Debunked

BUSTED!!! Dental Marketing Myths Debunked

Everyone seems to have an opinion on dental marketing. While there are many versions of what you should be doing and what you should be steering away from, knowing what works best for your dental clinic is integral. Therefore, the One Stop Dental Marketing team is tackling the most common dental marketing myths and disproving them.

There is so much information available these days that it’s hard to distinguish fact from fiction. By dismissing dental marketing myths and focusing on what is most beneficial for your future marketing practices, your dental clinic will reap the rewards. Let’s get started.

Myth #1: A Referral Based Clinic Means No Need For Online Marketing

The first myth we will tackle is the idea that if you have a referral-based dental practice, you do not need to market your clinic online.

This is wrong. While is it common for dental specialists to have many referral-based clients, it is still important to showcase your authority in the field with an online presence. The best way to make this happen is by starting with a website. In such a highly competitive industry like dental, referral-based customers are no longer enough. Prospective patients will now look online before booking an appointment with a professional. They will consider the company’s online reputation before investing their time and money in the clinic. Hence, ensure that when someone searches your business in a search engine, they see an accurate and fair representation of what your dental clinic offers. This includes providing valid contact information and ensuring your online reviews are positive. Ultimately, if someone receives a referral to your clinic but doesn’t like what they see online, you’ve most likely lost yourself a new patient.

Myth #2: There’s Nothing Left To Do After Creating A Website

To ensure your dental practice website is effective, you can never truly be ‘done’. Performing well and attracting new patients depends on how well your website performs in search engines such as Google. Therefore, you will need to implement high-quality SEO strategies that will boost the ranking of your website and help more potential patients find your services. Techniques you can use include consistently updating your website with new content, replying to customer reviews, creating a blog, and targeting keywords. Additionally, you should be monitoring where the most traffic is coming from and enhancing these platforms.

Other tips include:

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Myth #3: Established Dental Clinics Have The Upper Hand

This myth suggests that only dental clinics that have been around for a very long time gain a positive reputation within the local community. However, this is false. Regardless of how long your dental clinic has been running, you can make your presence known and encourage potential patients to interact with your business.

With the rise of online marketing, the authority held by local review systems such as Google and Yelp has changed the way businesses gain a reputation. Instead of taking years to establish your dental clinic and gain the attention of new patients, newly opened practices can begin building their online presence and patient base in only a matter of months. Hence, dental marketing has created an even playing field where new businesses and established dental clinics must keep optimising their websites and developing fresh marketing strategies to come out on top.

Alternatively, if you’re a dental practice that has been around for a while – do not underestimate the clinic that is opening down the street. Although they are new and it will take some time for them to develop customers, the power of the online sphere will allow their business to grow fast. Hence, you cannot afford to get complacent with your marketing, or you will get left behind. Online dental marketing is key when it comes to growth and keeping up with today’s trends.

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