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Biggest Mistakes Dentists Make While Using Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are one of the most effective marketing platforms as the outreach can be immense. However, to make the most of your Facebook Ads, you must know how to use them correctly. Many dental clinics waste money on Facebook Ads as they are not using the platform to optimise their leads and gain results.

Our team of PPC experts at One Stop Dental Marketing have outlined the biggest mistakes dentists make while using Facebook Ads. Read on to find out what your dental clinic may be doing wrong and how to avoid them in the future.

Forming Generic Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are no longer a new form of marketing. Almost all of us have seen a Facebook ad pop up on our feeds. Hence, when a Facebook Ad includes generic stock photos or content that doesn’t seem at all punchy, audiences are often never interested.

Don’t let your audience scroll by. As a dental clinic, you’re competing in a heavily saturated market as almost all local suburbs are home to numerous dental practices. Hence, to showcase your uniqueness, you’ll need to invest in a Facebook Ads campaign that works for your business. The ad you create will need to entice potential patients to click on the provided links and interact with your dental clinic.

To stand out and capture the attention of your audience, you should:

Depending Solely On Facebook Ads

You cannot rely on Facebook Ads alone to attract new customers. If you want more patients at your clinic, it will take more than just running a couple of ads to reach your goal. Many dentists think that running Facebook Ads will help schedule new patients – however, for this to happen, your campaign needs to be supported by three things.
Additionally, Facebook Ads are never something you should ‘set and forget.’ You will need to be tracking the success of your Facebook Ads meticulously and ensure that you are receiving a positive return on your investment. By tracking your campaign, you will realise how your money is working for your dental clinic and which decisions need to be made to convert more visitors into patients.

Running Ads With No Substance

Similar to mistake #1, your dental clinic will not stand out from its competitors if your Facebook Ads are bland, boring, and overdone. Running successful Facebook Ad campaigns for dentists requires more than just a simple overview of your existence in the local area. Instead, the key is to be specific and target potential patients seeking professional services in your suburb.

Measuring Success Through Likes

There are many metrics that can be used to measure the success of your Facebook Ads Campaign. However, one of the biggest mistakes dentists make is assuming that likes equate to success. This is incorrect as likes will not translate to new patients in your dental clinic.

Hence, to accurately measure the influence of your Facebook Ads campaign, you will need to evaluate three key metrics.


Tracking clicks means finding out how many times your Facebook Ad has been clicked. By measuring clicks, you can see how many potential new patients are interested in your business and made their way to your website to find out more.


Impressions will tell you the number of times your Facebook Ad is being shown to potential patients. In addition, it will ensure you understand how your ads are working and whether they are targeting the right audience.


Conversions highlight the number of patient appointments that have been scheduled after they clicked on your Facebook Ad. Tracking conversions will let you know how many people saw your Facebook ad, clicked on it, and scheduled an appointment.

Start A Facebook Ads Campaign Today

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