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Dental Website Design Hacks For 2021

Do you have a goal of getting more patient bookings this 2021? As per the sources, 94% of the consumers do not trust website or brand because of its website design.  

Therefore, if you want that your dental practice remains busy with repeating patients, then your web design should be professional and as per search engine terms.

But what to consider while designing a dental website? Here in this article, you will know top dental website design hacks to consider this 2021. Take a look.  

1. Be Clear With Your Purpose

Your website is the first thing that patients notice. Thus, before getting into developing a creative yet professional dental website, be clear with your purpose. You should provide all the essential information that a patient requires while visiting your site.

Ensure that your dental site depicts your practice goals and you as the best dentist across Australia. That’s because there are over all10,000 general dentists and among which you need to stand firm. In short, have a clear purpose and an ability to showcase strong points of your dental practice.

2. Rely on Responsive Dental Website Design

Half of the Australians searches for dental practice on their mobile device. If your website is not responsive means do not work on multiple platforms, you are losing a lot of patients. Also, Google has announced that it will crawl and index mobile-friendly sites.
A responsive website is a way to develop a site that responds to customer’s behaviour and environment based on the device screen, platform, and orientation. Thus, it is the best idea to develop a responsive dental website design.

3. Always Create “Meet the Dentist” Web Page

Voice search is known to improve user experience by providing accurate search results at convenience. As per the survey, 27% of people on the internet conduct voice searches on mobile devices. That’s the main reason why Google has started giving importance to voice search optimisation. Therefore, optimise your dental website for voice search. For this, use long conversational keywords, use structured data, create solution-focused content, and optimise for mobile devices.

4. Amaze Your Patients with Before and After Images

It is a truth that visual content is much more engaging as compared to text. To take your dental website design to the next level and attract patients, it is better to insert before and after images of your dental services like teeth whitening or implants. 

With this multimedia hack, patients can know about your dental services’ outcome. It would be great if you always tried to add engaging images to your website to grab user’s attention. Overall, the possibility of the patient’s contacting your dental clinic increases. 

5. Create Web Design that Improves Conversion Rate

It does not matter how many informative articles you post about dental services if your patients are not making booking appointments. It is essential to convert potential patients into actual bookings. But what you can do to create a web design that improves conversion rate?
The first hack is to reduce the number of calls to actions, links, and buttons packed in one place on your dental website. Second, create a sleek web design with a simple look that guide your patients about your dental practice goals. And last note that colours evoke emotions, so select accordingly that suits your branding.

6. Add Patients’ Testimonials on Your Website

As per the study, approximately 88% of the customers trust online reviews similar to personal recommendations. Many people rely on website testimonials while choosing healthcare or dental services. Therefore, it is worth adding your patient’s reviews on your site.
However, it is not recommended to create a separate page on customer testimonials as they often consider low-traffic pages. You can add it to your home page. Here you can hire an online review management company as they help you turn your negative review into an opportunity to grab more patients online.

7. Never Consider “Carousels with Text” Web Design Theme

Many web designers consider putting carousels or sliders on the website. But now it is not recommended. According to many sources, only 1% of people click on a slider, which may confuse them. Therefore, avoid choosing carousels with text dental website design theme.
Thus, to create a patient booking web design, use a static image or grid instead. However, in any case, if you want to use the carousel, then never use text on it. Also, don’t make your sliders clickable.

The Bottom Line

Ready to grow your dental clinic? If yes, then ensure to create a creative and engaging dental website design. It helps you turn your site into the #1 source of new patients. Therefore, if you are thinking about creating or redesigning your dental website this 2021, consider the hacks mentioned above. For professional help, you can contact One Stop Dental Marketing – the leading dental marketing company across Australia.