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8 Budget-Friendly SEO Strategy for Dentists

In this computer age, where every patient is searching for dental services and techniques online, investing in search engine optimisation, i.e., SEO, is imperative for any dentist. If you are also practising in the dental field, then SEO for dentists is the ultimate strategy for you to engage patients.
The internet represents your dental brand in the best way in front of your potential audience, even if you have a restricted budget with effective SEO strategies. You can surely afford SEO dental marketing technique as some of its free tactics don’t involve money, but only it takes your time and efforts.
Here in this blog, you will explore the top budget-friendly SEO strategy for your dental practice. Please go through it and incorporate these strategies into your dental marketing plan to improve your online presence. Also, it helps your dental business to grow while increasing annual revenue.

1. Create an Organic and Informative Content

Content is the ultimate ruler when it comes to increasing dental website ranking on search engines like Google. As per the Google update, organic and informative content relevant to user’s query can help a website achieve top position on search engine result pages (SERPs). Different forms of content can be blogs, articles, video content, press release, etc. Note to create long-form content for your dental website to generate desired results. 

2. Add Inbound and Outbound Links to Your Dental Web Content x`

Inbound links are the links from other websites that point to your site, known as backlinks, as they refer back to your dental website. It will help you increase your site’s domain authority. On the other hand, the link from your site to other sites is called outbound links. Adding these types of links to your site will add more value to your content. It is the best strategy of SEO for dentists to tell Google bots that your dental web content is well-researched and valuable. 

3. Boost Your Dental Website’s Loading Speed

No one likes to be on a website that takes more time to load its content. That’s why Google made site speed a ranking factor. Thus, ensure that your dental website’s speed is good enough to bit your competitors’ ranking position on Google. It is considered an affordable SEO strategy for dentists as you don’t need to redesign your entire site. Just inform a web developer to do it for you. Else, you can hire a digital marketing agency providing dental website design services.

4. Build a Mobile Responsive Website

If you don’t have a mobile responsive website, it can cost you all the mobile traffic. Also, your website will not appear on the searches made from a mobile device. According to the study, mobile traffic accounts for more than 65% of internet usage. It means you could be losing 65% of your dental visitors and leads. Further, your website may be penalised by the Google search engine. Therefore, ensure to have a mobile-friendly website to get more clicks and leads. 

5. Implement On-page SEO To Rank Higher in the SERPs

On-page SEO techniques are all about boosting organic traffic, getting more satisfied patients, and taking your dental business to the next level. Along with creating organic content, implementing on-page SEO also help you achieve rank higher rankings on SERPs. Here you can also do WordPress SEO for getting more traffic to your website. It is considered as the best budget-friendly SEO strategy for dentists. Overall, on-page SEO help you take your dental practice on top of other competitors in the market.

6. Add Your Dental Clinic on Google My Business

Adding your dental business on Google My Business (GMB) helps you reach and engage with local patients across Google search and Maps. Remember to add complete details about your business, including hours, site link, consultation page link, timing, and much more. Also, consider Google’s recommendations for content like photos of your dental practice. Don’t forget to get verified to establish trust for your dental practice. 

7. Request Patient Reviews

As per the study, 72% of patients find and choose dentists in Australia after checking online reviews. Therefore, managing patient reviews are essential when you want to attract maximum people to your dental practice. Either you can send a request mail to patients for getting reviews or use an automated review platform to acquire their feedback. Also, you can put up a sign-up form on your dental website asking for online reviews. It is a cost-effective SEO strategy for dentists to build a customer base.

8. Use Social Media for Improving Online Reputation

Social media is one of the essential SEO strategies for enhancing your online business reputation. There are different social media channels on which you can post your dental service benefits, videos, and much more. It is the most affordable way to let patients know about your dental practice. That’s because nowadays, maximum people are on social platforms. Bringing your dental brand on social channels will improve its visibility, and so the chances of getting more dental bookings increases. 

Bottom Line

Affordable SEO strategy for dentists starts with fixing issues with your dental website first and foremost. The above discussed are some of the best and budget-friendly SEO tactics for the dental practice. Try to implement these strategies into your dental marketing campaign and get fruitful results in patients booking your dental services. However, you can also contact One Stop Dental Marketing for detailed information about dental SEO and its significance.