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7 Essential tips for Writing Blog Content For Your Dental Practice


An interesting and informative blog is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy and will serve to drive more patients to your dental practice. It delivers useful information to patients and at the same time helps to gain their trust. But successful dental blogs aren’t born overnight. We agree that you are a subject expert, but writing interesting and engaging blogs requires more than this.

Through research, execution, and testing, it takes careful planning to achieve great results. Coming up with exciting topics for blogs while representing your dental practice can be s little complex, but nothing to worry about because we have some amazing ideas to keep you going for years.

1. Dental awareness

Sharing a blog post on your dental website is a way to bring awareness to the importance of oral hygiene and dental health for children. Don’t miss the opportunity to write dental posts on annual opportunities like 6th March, Dentist Day or Dental Health Week to raise awareness of both oral health and your practice. It is an effective way to increase your visibility online.

2. Personal introduction blogs

Make your dental practice as friendly as it can be by using your blog to feature the staff members. When patients visit your dental practice, they will feel more comfortable with your team members because they already have an idea about their expertise and professional background. Include some images of you and your team treating patients in your blog to make it more effective and engaging.

3. Catchy titles strike reader’s mind

When you read any great blog post including the dental ones, you’ll hook in from the start, either with an engaging opening catchy lines or a creative title.

Keep in mind, blogging remains the #1 lead generator for businesses and dental practice is no exception. So, in order to write successful dental blogs, make the introductions and titles highly impressive and engaging. Dry and boring content won’t keep a reader on the page for a long time.

4. Identifying common problems

When people get stuck somewhere, they first go to Google it. So, it is better to create a blog that is packed with important tips about common issues related to oral health. Such blogs will attract potential readers to read them. Cavities, gum disease, dental hygiene, and tooth sensitivities are common dental needs and when viewers come across such a blog of their interest, they will directly land on your website.

Many people are nervous about visiting the dentists. So, by writing a blog on overcoming dental fears you’ll be tapping into a topic that interests many while simultaneously encouraging them to come to your dental clinic. To know more bout it, read out blog on why blog is important for dental marketing strategy.

5. Complicated cases might trigger interest of reader

You must have handled some complicated cases, so use them to trigger the interest of a curious patient. When they read about the complexities in the case and how you handled it smoothly, it will build the strong reputation of your dental practice in their minds, ultimately increasing your website views. Writing about some rare dental cases incorporating fused teeth or personal tales about kids’ early experiences.

Also, don’t overlook the style and tone of a dental blog post. Writing dental posts one-to-one conversation will make them feel closer to you. Keep it friendly yet knowledgeable. Talking to a blog reader about the common dental problem in the style just like you would if they visited your dental clinic goes a long way to building that trust.

6. Good hygiene practices

Blogs related to preventive measures such as good brushing techniques, or the best diet for healthy teeth, an introduction to flossing are informative and practical. By writing dental posts including these measures, you are demonstrating that you are concerned about their oral health problems before they even visit your dental clinic. This will help you start building a trusting relationship with them which subsequently aid you to become better in their eyes. So, whenever they have dental problems, they’ll definitely turn to you.

7. Blogs on celebrities’ dental issues news

Has a celebrity been in the headlines related to an oral injury? Did an athlete get a dental makeover? Whenever any popular personalities’ oral health makes the news, it’s a better opportunity for you to provide a professional perspective in a manner that engages the people by discussing the athlete or celebrity news.  

Still want to know more why your dental website need a blog, then read our latest blog on it.

Final Thoughts

As you are the subject expert, writing blogs will be easier for you. By keeping these tips in mind, writing a dental post will become your specialty. If you are running a dental practice without a current blog, or your blogs have stagnated of late, talk to the One Stop Dental Marketing team. We are experts in helping dental practices drive growth using online and offline marketing techniques, including writing blog posts that engage with your target audience.

We also offer PPCwebsite designSEO, and social media services. Schedule an appointment with our experts to know more about how regular dental blogging can support driving patients to your dental practice. Call us on 1300 867 699 to get our help.

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