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6 Amazing facts that show Local search for dentists works

6 Amazing facts that show Local search for dentists works

Search engines (Google, bing, yahoo) keep upgrading their technology to enhance users’ search experience. One such update done by Google was the Pigeon update in 2014. Pigeon update started prioritising local search results. As a result, SEO professionals geared for local SEO for dental practice and other confined businesses.

Here in this post, we will discuss some amazing facts which prove that the local search for dentists works and is the way to drive business.

46 per cent of searches on Google are for local businesses

This means that new customers prefer looking for a local business online. We are not blaming them, as traditional ways of finding businesses in directories are cumbersome and unreliable. The information on directories gets updated only once a year. At the same time, businesses can keep updating their details online whenever there is a change in address or contact details.

86 Per cent people search for local businesses on Google Maps

This means that the people searching online have high intent of visiting the store for a product or service. They are potential and require your services. The golden rule of sales conversion is there at the right time at the right place. Your business should be there online instead of directories and billboards.

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88 Per cent of the local searches end up in a call or store visit

This means the intention of purchasing goods and services is very high among these customers. All you have to do is be online and give them the right stimulus to visit your store. This point underlines one thing— Online businesses cannot afford not to have an online presence.

92 Per cent people pick businesses from the first page.

This means that customers rarely go beyond the first page of search results. Therefore, it becomes important to have both an online presence and a feature on the top of the search results. SEO professionals at One Stop Dental Marketing understand how it works, and they could develop a strategy to make your website rank.

95 Per cent online searches happen on Google

This means that while there are other search engines like Bing, customers prefer searching on Google. So you need to follow Google algorithms to rank on the top primarily. SEO is technical and a long-drawn process, but the results are rewarding. Hiring a SEO professional to do the job is always a good option.

97 Per cent people click websites for more information

This means that local searches drive traffic to your websites, giving businesses a better chance to showcase their services and engage with their audience.


Google launched its pigeon update in 2014, prioritising local businesses in search results. Statistics proved that the customers performing local searches had high buying intent; local searches for dentists meant better visibility and easy access to their customers.