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5 Smart and Effective Ways To Keep Patients Rolling In

Marketing is important for the growth of any business and the healthcare or medical practice is no exception to this rule. But this is a specific industry that requires a different approach to keep engaged its current patients and attract new ones.

Retaining your current patients’ list and inviting the stream of new patients to your door is a bit tricky task and needs a lot of effort, time, and money. If you are into a dental practice, just say you need around 50-60 patients every month. So, keeping this figure in mind, it is important to use some effective dental marketing ideas. If you are still confused about where to start from, here are five successful dental marketing tips for you to follow:

1. Develop a good relationship with your current patients

When you think about growing your dental practice, the primary focus is on how to allure new patients. But when it comes to a business practice, marketing doesn’t stop with just attracting new patients. It is also important to follow up on your existing patients and build their trust and keep them happy with the service you offer.

Nurturing your current patients has positive effects on both your patients and your dental practice. Furthermore, this is one of the most effective and at the same time, quite cheap techniques of marketing and spreading the word about you using referrals. As your patients will also feel pampered, they will act as your marketing agents and will share their positive experiences with family, relatives, friends, and colleagues.

2.Send reminders or notifications via mail or phone

When we are talking about successful dental marketing strategies, this technique holds great importance. When you send reminders or notifications to your patients regarding their appointments and upcoming regular checks or greeting messages on special occasions, they feel connected.

When you send notifications related to special discounts on given exams, check-ups, or lab tests, you show them that you are trying to provide them added value. Make sure to use the right channel like text messages, emails or phone calls for each group. The content of these texts should also be very important. Try to keep this content short and crisp.

3. Get listed on local directories

If you have recently started your dental practice, it is important for you to tell the online viewers that you are there for them. Getting your dental business registered in a local business directory is an effective dental marketing idea. Running a successful dental marketing campaign and developing your website is a good idea, but registering your practice on local directories will add to your results.

When your business details like contact number, e-mail and geographical location will be visible to people from all over the world, it will surely increase your patient number. Potential patients will be able to locate your dental practice. They will get the contact details that they need. The best part of this is that you can use this service provided by the leading search engines for free. You can simply check Google Places, Bing Places and Yahoo Local to get your practice registered.

4. Create or rebuild an effective website

A website is a digital business of your dental practice. A poorly constructed site with very less or no content, weird layout and broken links, is likely to turn target patients away. They have only a few seconds to find something interesting and helpful. If they don’t get it, they will quickly move to the next website. So, a website is a cornerstone of successful dental marketing strategies.

A good dental website with an effective layout, impressive pictures and informative content is a really good start. Here are some important factors that will improve your website and make it simple to use.

5. Dental patient marketing on social media

According to Statista, the world’s 49% population currently use one or more social media platforms. So you can be sure that a good percentage of your target patients are regularly checking in to their preferred social media channel. This is why social media marketing is considered an effective dental marketing idea. To know more about social media, read our blog on 5 definite ways to make dental social media work for you.

Creating your page on Facebook or Instagram will allow the local readers to receive regular updates related to your dental practice. No matter you want to post about new treatments and services, attractive discounts, promotions, new initiatives, social media will be the best technique for marketing.

To know more about dental marketing strategy, read our blog on 3 things you should never ignore while forming dental marketing strategy.

Final thoughts

No doubt, these dental marketing techniques will be helpful in attracting more patients to your dental practice. But it is also important to regularly review your dental marketing strategies to improve your results.

If you need any further advice on successful dental marketing strategies, call One Stop Dental Marketing at 1300 867 699. We are experienced in this industry, so we understand which effective marketing ideas you need to use to invite more patients to your dental practice.

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