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Understanding The 5 Most Important Pages of Your Dental Website

Dental Website Important Pages

Plenty of importance is given to the quality of the content uploaded on dental practice websites. Several blogs may mention why uploading quality content is essential for your website. However, very few blogs tell you what type of content your website requires and which pages are crucial. It is known that the more unique and detailed content you upload on your website, the better it will rank on Google. However, to give your clients unique and quality content, it isn’t possible for dental practices to include 50 to 60 or more pages of detailed content on their services. When creating content for a dental practice website, dentists must remember that websites are not just for search engines but also current and prospective clients. This is why providing information on things that matter to your patients the most must be your priority. And as far as the total number of pages is concerned, you can decide depending on your practice offerings and SEO goals.

When adding specific pages to your website, remember that some pages are the most important for new patient conversion. These are known as the money pages.

Which Are The Money Pages For Your Dental Website?

With careful studies on website visitors for thousands of dental website clients, it is safe to say that the following pages are the most important and influential for bringing new clients to your dental clinic.
  • Homepage – The homepage of your dental website is like a virtual front door, responsible for getting in more traffic. The content on your homepage must explain what you do or offer and entice readers to explore all other pages of your website. Some elements that must be included in the homepage design are the logo, brand information, and introduction to your services.

  • Dentist’s Bio – What content do you write on this page in something that will count a lot in patient conversion? Patients would want to know about the dentist’s qualifications and experience before booking a service with them. Therefore, you must include a complete dentist bio to inform potential patients that their dental treatment will be carried out by an experienced professional.

  • Contact Us – If your website manages to impress your potential patients, they are likely to book a service with you. For this, they may have to contact you. Hence, mentioning your email ID, contact details, and address is essential on the contact us page.

  • About Us – Giving a brief about your practice and team helps potential patients know you better. The more they know about you, the more likely they trust you. Therefore, the About US page must include all critical information about your clinic and staff.

  • Services – If you want patients to book an appointment, you must mention your services on your website. Only when they know what treatments and procedures you perform they will be able to call you to enquire or book a particular treatment. While the list of services may be extended, try to focus on mentioning at least the most advanced or important ones in detail. Rest can be listed on your website. If you want to boost your website’s conversion performance, it is essential to focus on designing, developing, and content these pages. Focus on improving the copy, image quality, formatting, and call-to-action for these pages for the best results.


A great way to optimise your money pages is to have a professional copywriter write content for them. Content written by an expert is expected to receive a better response, and you may expect good new patient conversion results. Copywriters know the importance of relevant content to keywords. This is why, when they write keyword-based content, they maintain the quality of the copy and, at the same time, focus on keyword density. Finding the right keywords for each page can be best done by an SEO expert. You may also hire an SEO expert to work with your professional copywriter to get you the best combination of keywords and content for your money pages. If you want everything related to your website handled under one roof, you may appoint a dental marketing company to create your website.

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