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5 Most Competitive Hacks And Tips For Dental Web Design

It seems like everyone is a self-proclaimed online expert these days, isn’t it? Almost 97% of patients visit a dentist’s website rather than calling them for information. So, the question comes here is whether your dental website is up to par?

Your dental web design is the first impression visitors get about your dental practice. A website is one of the most effective marketing tools a dentist has. Its design should have the power to convince your target patients to visit your clinic.

In today’s competitive world, just having a website is not enough to attract patients. You need to rely on some of the best dental website design tricks to make you stand out from the crowd.

All websites need planned design, but consider these five critical website design tips for our high-trust profession:

1. A professional vibe

When a patient visits a dental website, he/she always looks for an element of value that is professionalism. While you may be professional in what you and your team do in your dental clinic, your dental web design should reflect that. Do not use anything that looks too gimmicky. Go for a web design that looks clean, elegant, sophisticated and above all, professional.

Patients want to be ensured that they are making the best choice when it comes to dental care. A good dental website design must include a mix of design elements, colours, images and content. Ensure clear, crisp imagery. Avoid using busy images and designs because they give an unprofessional feel.

Add memorable images that depict a story or add an element of emotion (happy patients with their family, a mom and daughter, family members hugging, people smiling into the camera, etc. To learn more read our blog on how a good website design can be a game changer for your practice.

2. Be informative

This is one of the most effective dental website design tricks. Keep in mind that, the most important element of a good dental web design is to make a great first impression. So, consider that when patients are searching for a dental practice, they’re looking for information. This information could be:
So, make it easy for them by incorporating all these questions onto the first page. The moment they land on your dental website, they will see everything. Remember if they have come on your website for information and it’s not immediately available, they’ll move to your immediate competitors!

3. Make your website SEO-friendly

In a highly-saturated market, every business wants to stand out from the crowd in services and its online reputation. Search Engine Optimization can put your business into the limelight that too at lower costs than other advertisement channels like radio, television, or newspaper ads.

When you hire a website designer, he/she ensures to make your dental website SEO-friendly. Website designers focus on white hat SEO and strategies like link building, keyword research, or alt text for images.

4. Patient testimonials are vital

Testimonials are probably the most powerful thing to make your dental web design more impactful. They are undeniably the fastest way to earn potential visitors’ trust.

Make it a practice to send an email form to every new patient and ask them for their feedback and experience in your clinic. Ask them if you can share their feedback publicly. Even if you get one answer only for every 10 emails you have sent, you’ll be able to build up quite a few great testimonials in no time.

Share them on a specific testimonials page on your dental website. You can also keep it on the home page because this is probably a page, patients keep on scrolling. So, why not make your home page, a great first impression by adding testimonials there and building some trust from the start.

5. Make your website design accessible

If you want to serve your prospective patients through your website better, pay special attention to the accessibility part.

For a good dental website design, you need to consider the following accessibility standards:


If you are in dental practice, it is vital to have a website and that too a professionally designed one. Dentists neither have the time to do website designing nor have the expertise to handle online marketing alone. You can outsource web design & development responsibility to someone who is experienced in this and get a good dental website.

Get in touch with One Stop Dental Marketing, if you need professional website design services for your dental practice. You can simply fill out our online contact us form. We ensure you that you will get a quick response from our team.

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