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3 simple and effective ways to reactivate your Dental Patients

Reactivate Your Dental Patients

Running a dental practice is no easy task. To make your practice profitable, you cannot just keep focusing on finding ways to invite the stream of patients to your doors, but you also need to do something to retain your existing patients. Elevate your dental practice with targeted dental marketing Australia, optimising visibility and patient engagement for sustained success.

Even if you excel at delivering unmatched oral health care to your patients, you might overlook other important elements of effective dental practice.

The fact is, the way you deal with your patients in your dental office leaves lasting impressions on their minds and significantly impacts your patient retention rates. You need to learn the art of re-engaging and re-activating patients if you want to retain them.

Here, we’ll outline three patient reactivation strategies to re-engage your patients:

1. Run a social media challenge to encourage engagement

Social media is a great marketing tool, so why not harness its power to re-activate your patients. These days, social media contests and giveaways are the key players in engagement-building tactics. Businesses no matter large and small run contests on Instagram and Facebook all the time because it is an amazing way to get your followers to like, share and comment on your posts.

For designing a successful social media contest, it is important to determine your goals. If your goal is to boost your followers and reach new patients, the contest will look a little different than if your goal is to re-engage or re-activate your existing followers. Whatever your goal is you need to keep it in mind to make it successful.

Your existing patients are already familiar with you. They know how you work and the overall nature of your practice. So, when you are re-engaging them, you get to start a few steps ahead.

Your existing patients will feel the contest effective for three reasons:

Being active in their social media feed and aggressively engaging with them is sometimes all it takes. It will take your successful patient reactivation campaign to the next level.

2. Improve your email marketing campaign

Email marketing is one of the most successful and cost-effective ways to engage with your existing patients. What all you needed is an updated list of patient email-ids. You can easily encourage them to book their next appointment by sending them reminders through the mail.

Another way to use email more effectively to re-engage patients is to use it in combination with your social media contest. It will help to maximize the results. 

To know more about email marketing, you can read our blog on 10 email marketing tips & tricks for dentist.

Using a contest, you could build a landing page on your website with all the details of the giveaway and a link to the Facebook post where your patients can post or share their guesses. Then you would want to send an email to your patients declaring the contest and directing every patient to the landing page.

Subject: Who will be the lucky winner of this contest?

Do you want to be a winner ___________? Here’s your chance! We recently announced a contest on our Facebook page where one fortunate winner will get _______________.

Check out all the details here and enter today.

The contest closes in _____ days. So, hurry!


P.S. We’re open [insert hours] this week. Call us on [insert phone number] to book your next appointment.

The email and the landing page serve two vital purposes:

3. Retarget your social media ads by keeping your practice in mind

Many times, some companies’ ads follow you around Facebook and Instagram. They are doing to retarget their patients. The website captured your visit (when you accepted that “cookie”?) and used your browsed data to “retarget” you with related ads. This is an effective way to keep your patients remind about yourself. It will help you to attract website visitors and retarget them with Facebook ads. When the ad appears in the Facebook news feed of your dental practice page, your patients will immediately remind themselves about you. Seeing the phone number and dental practice image, it will be easy for them to call and book their next appointment. To know more how to keep rolling in you patients read out latest blog on it.

Final words

Facebook is one of the powerful and effective advertising platforms and is an amazing way to keep your brand in front of your target audience. If you want to reactivate patients this amazing 3-step patient reactivation policy (social media contest, email marketing, and Facebook ad retargeting) will be helpful and deliver you maximum results in terms of increased website traffic, actively engaged patients and more appointments.

If you don’t have the time and expertise to run a social media campaign to build your retargeted audience, feel free to reach out to us. One Stop Dental Marketing is a leading dental digital marketing specialist. We’ll help you plan and implement your patients’ reactivation campaign. So, call us now on 1300 867 699 to speak to our experts.

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