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3 Quick Website Tips to Convert More New Patients

Quick Website Tips

Research shows dental websites have a visitor-to-caller conversion rate of just 2-5%. So for every 100 patients entering your website, only about 2 to 5 make calls to you. This seems like an actual low number, mainly because you expect much more from your dental website. The remaining 95% of people who left your website to choose another dental provider website likely dint find information on your site that they were looking for.

You can change three things in your current website to grow the number of converting patients for your dental practice.

1. Use Personalized Content

Go back to the photographs on your dental practice website. Is your website full of stock photos instead of actual images of your team and office? If yes, it is time to change this. When a patient visits your website, they want to get a virtual tour of your office. Hence, pictures of your reception area, waiting room, and the room with the dental chair will benefit your website.

Moreover, adding photographs of your team helps patients build trust in you. Showing them the team they will be interacting with when they call for an appointment is a wise decision. Hence, if your current website is full of stock photos, replace them with pictures of your staff and practice.

2. Patient Reviews

All dental practices praise their services to attract more patients. However, it is essential to know that patients tend to trust your existing patient reviews more than anything. Researches say that 79% of people believe in online reviews more than personal recommendations. With the power patient reviews have, it is essential to include them on your website, preferably on the home page, for visitors to see them immediately. Many times, dental practice websites have separate pages for testimonials. However, few people land on this page and may leave it from the homepage. Hence, it is wise to include your clients’ reviews on the homepage itself.

3. Clear Call-to-Action

Your dental marketing strategy means nothing if it can’t bring in new patients and revenue to help your practice grow. Look at your website to understand if you have a clear call-to-action on the main pages. Call-to-action buttons are clickable, allowing patients to contact you with a simple button. Consider adding a button on your homepage to allow patients to book an appointment online. According to research, 68% of patients like to choose dentists that will enable them to book, change, or cancel an appointment online.

There’s a growing use of text messages by potential patients to communicate with their dental healthcare providers. If possible, give your patients the option to chat with you while they are on your website. Such chats can help patients connect with you immediately and get answers to their queries right away. This can be a beneficial medium to offer unmatched convenience and immediacy. The faster and easier it is for your patients to connect with you, the more likely they will book a service with you.

As a dental practice website owner, you must follow the tips mentioned above to see a positive change in your business. Apart from this, it would help if you aimed at making your website informational. Add as much information as possible about you, your team, and your office. The more a patient knows about you, the more they may trust you. After all, everyone wants to go to a trustworthy healthcare provider, and the only way to win your patient’s trust is by giving a detailed introduction to your practice. Mentioning just your qualification and experience isn’t enough. Add other information like your philosophy, clinical interests, and the approach you use to treat patients.

If you aren’t confident about implementing these tips on your own, it is best to speak to an expert. The right dental marketing company will care about designing and developing an outstanding website for your dental practice. The experts will focus on not just creating a website that is modern looking but also capable of converting visitors to new patients.

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