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How To Make A Popular Facebook Page

How To Make A Popular Facebook Page

Billions of people use Facebook every day, so it makes sense for a brand to have a presence on this platform. It makes sense to have a Facebook business page and to know how to use advertisements on Facebook to reach thousands of people.

It is super easy to create a Facebook page, but creating a great page can be a different story. Anyone with an account can do it in minutes. If you want to know how to make a popular Facebook page, follow these steps to create a business page that gets people hitting the ‘like’ button.

Select a username

Select a great username for the page and this will also become part of the page URL. There may be a lot of pages similar to yours, so the one you want may not be available. But the best one to use is the name of your business.

Fill out the About section

Facebook pages have an About section where you can write a brief summary about your business. Include only the most important information that tells people why they should follow your page. Make sure to add the URL for your website here to make it visible.

Write an engaging description in the full About section

When your Facebook page goes live, click the ‘Edit’ button and write an engaging description in the full ‘About’ section. Tell your business story. Explain what your business is about and what it does, where it is, how to contact you. It is about engaging people.

Use a stunning image for the heading banner

Capture people’s attention with a stunning photo or graphic for the header banner. This will capture people’s attention and get them to look at the page. Even include a marketing message in the header banner. Make sure you follow Facebook’s guidelines in relation to this.

Choose a good profile image

The profile image appears whenever you post or comment. Make sure it is one that reflects your brand. The more people see it they will soon recognise it as being your brand.

Use apps and make sure they are visible

Adding apps to the page allows for more diverse content for your visitors, but make sure the most important ones are at the top of the list. These will automatically appear in the app thumbnails section under the cover image.

Invite friends to like the page

Now the page is live invite people to like the page. Invite all your Facebook friends to start building a following.

Create great content

Make content interesting, entertaining and useful to capture people’s imagination. It is a great idea to use an image in every post as it gets people’s attention. Make sure you post something at least once day to keep the page growing.

Promote your business page

Use Facebook’s plug ins on your website. That way they can like the business page right from your website. Also offer exclusive content or deals people cannot get anywhere else. Hold a contest, have a giveaway to reward your fans for their loyalty.


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