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10 Reasons Why Your Dental Website Needs A Blog

10 Reasons Why Your Dental Website Needs A Blog

An online blog for your dental clinic can spark various opportunities for your business. In such a highly competitive industry like dental, standing out and making your voice heard is essential in generating new patients and showcasing your authority in the field.

Hence, by creating a thought-provoking and informative blog, you can nurture your patient relationships and attract prospective new customers. At One Stop Dental Marketing, we have outlined 10 reasons why your dental website needs a blog. Read on to find out how you can transform the way people view your dental clinic with something as simple as regularly posting to a blog.

Boost SEO

It’s no secret that Google prefers websites that are updated regularly with concise and relevant information. The search engine looks for quality content that is consistently published and connects to certain keywords.

With a blog, you can publish content on a consistent schedule that showcases the relevancy of your website. In addition, a blog will provide value to potential patients as their questions can be easily answered by visiting your website. Hence, the more indexed pages you have through SEO, the better chance you have of ranking on search engines. For more, read our article on how SEO helps dental practices grow.

Improve Credibility

A blog can help build credibility, authority, and influence. You can discuss various topics in a dental blog, including good oral hygiene practices, signs that you need to visit a dentist, and relevant information on children’s dentistry. By creating blogs, you can emphasise your knowledge on these topics and prove your expertise in the dental field. Additionally, by solving potential patient problems, you’re validating your skills and encouraging them to connect with your business.

Influence Interactions

A blog can serve as an online conversation between dentist and patient. By engagingly publishing dental-related content, you can start networking with current patients, potential customers, and industry peers. Similarly, readers who possess valuable information on the same topic may be encouraged to reach out, provide feedback, and stimulate interaction.

Enhance Your Social Media Presence

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are perfect for sharing interesting content with your followers. These platforms are also the ideal place for a dental clinic to share new blog posts and start a discourse with online users. Sharing your blogs with patients on social media allows those who follow you to share the post with their friends and family – meaning more and more people can find the best dental content on your website. Ensure that your dental website has social sharing buttons so your readers can share content directly from your blog.

Nurture Patient Relationships

Blogging can deepen your connection with existing patients. Remind your patients why they trust you with informative and engaging information that delves into the latest topics and trends in the dental industry. Continuing to educate your patients and care for their oral health will nurture this relationship and encourage customers to keep coming back to your website to find answers to their dental questions. Additionally, you can send an email to your website subscribers whenever you post a new blog so that they can source the information right away.

Stand Out From The Competition

An online blog allows you to showcase your brand’s personality. When a potential patient is looking for a dental clinic, they often start by assessing the dentist’s website. While many elements of your website are important in securing new customers, a blog can help you stand out from the competition and emphasise why you’re different from the rest. With a conversational tone, you can express technical dental jargon in a more engaging and personal way. Hence, any prospective customer will understand your brand and what it means to be a patient at your dental clinic.

Lower Marketing Costs

Blogging is one of the most cost-effective marketing channels. With the internet, you have the power to publish whatever you want. However, with so many dental clinics in your local area, you must be publishing content that matters. Hence, optimising your blog is an affordable way to gain leads and attract new patients to your dental clinic. Ensure you’re writing about topics that matter, and you won’t have to spend money to gain patients’ trust.

Keep Patients Informed

Keep your patients in the loop by posting information consistently. For example, you can discuss the latest development in your practice or keep them informed on the newest trends in the dental industry. Whether you’re running a special offer, hiring a new team member, or hosting an event, announce it on a blog and pique the interest of your readers.


As a visitor reads your content, you begin to earn their trust. As potential patients are driven to your blog through a quick Google search, they will be inclined to learn more about your practice. For example, if someone is trying to find information on Invisalign, they may come across a blog that you’ve written on the topic. After reading, they may browse your website to learn more about your clinic. Then, if satisfied, they will take the next step to contact your clinic and schedule an appointment.

Secure Long-Term Growth

While most dental marketing campaigns are temporary and short-term, your website is here to stay. Therefore, by investing in your website and creating a blog, you’ll be able to draw the attention of more patients at any time – even when you’re not actively putting a dental marketing campaign in place.

For example, if you publish a blog and link it to your social media platforms or include it in your monthly email, your patients will continue to share the article long after being published on the website. Therefore, your interested prospects continue to grow as that one article can gain attention months or even years later.

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